We expect all our students to take pride in their appearance and wear their uniform as a symbol of their pride in their school and a reflection of our CORE values of Respect and Excellence.

Students enrolling at Beaumaris Secondary College are accepting the responsibility to wear the correct College uniform at all times and parents are expected to give active support to the College’s Uniform Policy. Students must conform to the uniform standards on all College occasions unless otherwise directed by the College Principal. This Uniform Policy applies during school hours, while travelling to and from school, and when students are engaged in school events, excursions and activities out of school hours. The wearing of the school uniform by students:

  • promotes a student’s sense of identity with and pride in the college.
  • raises the profile of the college and its students in the broader community.

Academic Uniform Guidelines

    • The wearing of the uniform is compulsory for all students.
    • Uniform must be clean, tidy in appearance and in good repair.
    • Only items of clothing with the College logo will be deemed the correct and acceptable school uniform. Any clothing items worn under the uniform must be plain white without logos and not visible
    • School tie should be worn with top shirt button fastened at the neck and tie knot covering shirt button and must be worn with the Winter uniform.
    • Hair ribbons or other ties or clasps must be consistent with the school colours.
    • No jewellery or body decoration with the exception of: – wristwatch – plain single studs or sleepers in the ears. Covering of additional ear piercings or tongue/nose rings with tape of clear stud is not permitted
    • Hair colour to be natural looking and not extreme. Extreme styles and/or ‘trends’ are not permitted. eg:  skullet.   The Principal will have the final decision regarding extreme hairstyles.
    • Facial hair must be clean, neat and trimmed.
    • No make-up is permitted.
    • Clear nail polish only may be worn. No nail extensions or artificial nails are permitted.

Beaumaris Secondary College expects all students in full school uniform on all occasions. The college reserves the right if a student is not in full school uniform to:

  • provide the student with uniform item(s) to be worn during school hours
  • contact the student’s parents/guardians and ask for the student to be provided with the correct uniform
  • send the student home to change into appropriate school uniform after contact with parents.

If for any valid reason the uniform cannot be worn, an explanatory note signed by the parent/carer must be given to the student’s Session One teacher (who lists the infringement on COMPASS) who will issue an out of uniform pass to the student for a limited period of time.

Blazer– the Blazer is to be worn to and from school as the outer garment, with the exception on days of excessive heat. Other occasions when the blazer is required to be worn will include:

  • School photos
  • Year Level Assemblies
  • Selected excursions
  • Presentation Night
  • When representing the college

School Shoes Black leather lace-up shoes with black laces (no Velcro and must be non- branded), capable of being polished. Boots or runners are not permitted.

Physical Education Attire

On days when a student has a Healthy Lifestyles practical or Sport Education session, students are permitted to wear their Physical Education attire for the entirety of the school day.

Students are expected to be sun-smart. The wearing of the Sun-smart hat is strongly encouraged for all outdoor activities. Additionally, whilst in Healthy Lifestyles/ Sport Education sessions, students have the option of wearing the Beaumaris SC baseball cap.

Interschool sport

Students will only be permitted to represent Beaumaris SC in interschool sporting fixtures whilst wearing full Beaumaris Secondary College Physical Education attire.


Students are to use the College school bag only. The school bag has a school logo.

Change of Seasons

Students are expected to wear uniform as detailed below with 2 week optional change over period where either uniform is permitted unless otherwise informed by the college.


Option 1

Option 2

Winter (beginning Term 2)




Black Lace-up leather shoes

Black Lace-up leather shoes

Grey above ankle socks

Grey above ankle socks

Long Sleeve shirt

Long Sleeve shirt with no logo







Grey stockings




Summer (beginning Term 4)







Short Sleeve shirt with logo

Physical Education


Sports Top


Shorts/ Tracksuit pants


Soft Shell jacket


White sports socks


Running shoes


Sun-smart hat


Baseball cap


Long sleeved sports top



Exemptions from Dress Code

Legal requirements necessitate that exemptions from the Beaumaris Secondary College Uniform Code can be provided where an aspect of the code:

  • offends religious beliefs;
  • prevents compliance with an ethnic or cultural belief;
  • prevents students with disabilities from being able to participate in school;
  • affects a health condition.

Applications must be made in writing to the Principal by the beginning of the school year and must be accompanied with the necessary verification documentation, e.g. Medical certificate, letter from religious leader, etc.   In cases of economic hardship parents or guardians should contact the Business Manager for advice on financial assistance.

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