Our Collaborative College Culture is UnderPinned by These Principles

Learners and learning is central

Beaumaris Secondary College is committed to providing a safe, inclusive and stimulating learning environment for all students. The college believes that students can only reach their full potential when they are engaged, healthy and safe.A progressive, supportive and shared school culture provides a strong foundation that acknowledges student wellbeing and student learning outcomes are inextricably linked.


We promote a culture of respect, fairness, equity and foster respectful relationships.  This encourages a school environment that is inclusive and empowers all.   We ensure inclusion of all learners and embrace and celebrate diversity. The diversity in learners, cultural and social diversity – within the school and wider community.  We respond to our diverse learners by reviewing practice regularly celebrating the diversity of humanity.

Health and Wellbeing

Our students emerge fit and healthy with a good understanding of the benefits of physical activity and a healthy lifestyle. The school recognises the potential benefit that physical activity has on students well-being and academic performance. It will utilise its unique location and potential partnerships with outside organisation to create opportunities for students and staff to excel. Our state-of-the-art facilities inspire activity and develop a respect for the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Connection with the Local Environment

The school will promote environmental stewardship and meaningful connections to place. We interact with local schools, communities, families, resources and their environment to develop connections that support the social and emotional wellbeing of students and staff. We utilise the unique local environment in developing a culture of environmental care and proactive management whilst instilling the importance of sustainability.

Community Membership

Our students contribute in a meaningful way to the community and emerge from school as informed community members. The school is supportive and reactive to changing local needs; it will have a unique offering and will attract the best teaching staff. Our staff are supported and encouraged to pursue their own learning and are recognised for their expression of our values as members of our learning community

Global Outlook

Our students understand their place in the world. The school will provide a local setting within a global stage. It will foster and establish connections that provide students the opportunity to understand the global community and how their decisions and actions have an impact locally and further afield. They begin to develop a sense of place in the world and the change they can make as a member of the global community. We promote participation as a key skill to meet the challenges of today’s world and encourage an understanding of issues within a global context.

Flexible Learning Spaces

Our school has several diverse spaces including collaboration areas, casual learning spaces, direct instruction spaces, break-out spaces and outdoor learning areas.
At Beaumaris, we focus on providing the best possible environments for exciting and innovative education to take place. Spaces can be adapted to best suit the needs of the learners. By connecting pedagogy, technology and space, teachers can create learning spaces that promote social learning and maximum engagement. 

Our flexible learning environment promotes curiosity and freedom to engage with content in the way that suits the students. Furniture in the room can easily move to accommodate different needs and different activities. These areas promote collaboration and encourage students to be active participants in the learning process.
The learning spaces allow teachers to deliver flexible lesson content – lecture style, group style, presentation style or activity style.

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