Meaningful Learning

Beaumaris Secondary College encourages its students to strive for excellence in all their endeavours. To achieve this, the school provides sequential teaching and learning programs that deliver a comprehensive, broadly based and culturally inclusive curricula.
We support the development of cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies that enable our students to transfer what they have learned to new situations and new problems. By engaging in deep learning our students become creative, connected and collaborative problem solvers who gain knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and who can use contemporary digital technologies to enhance their learning.

Year 7 and 8 Handbook Year 9 and 10 Handbook

Student Growth

Students at Beaumaris Secondary College engage in problem solving skills using Microsoft 21st Century Learning Design architecture. Through this program, students develop transferable learning-how-to-learn capabilities that enable them to thrive and contribute to ever-changing, new and challenging contexts.

The 21st Century Learning Design capabilities include:

  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge Construction
  • Self-Regulation
  • Real-world Innovation and Problem Solving
  • Skilful Communication
  • ICT for Learning


Project Based Learning

At Beaumaris we believe that problem solving is at the heart of learning, thinking and development. Students are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and are taught how to engage in problems through Project-Based Learning tasks.



Project Based Learning provides students with opportunities to discover passions and make connections through the process of meaningful inquiry.


Facilitating the learning

Teachers are expert learners who guide students to inquire, create and exhibit their understanding and knowledge. Through this process, students ask probing questions that link to their prior knowledge, engage in authentic problem solving individually or in groups and reflect on their learning.

Learning Areas

Communicate and Relate

Communicate & relate

Communicate & Relate will allow students to learn more deeply about critical thinking skills and allow them to develop a social, emotional and personal understanding of their own development.  Traditionally this would address learning around English although Communicate & Relate will address much more than what we say is English. It will allow students to actively contribute to society as they need to be able to communicate and relate the skills that allow us to do that such as speaking, listening, reading, understanding literature, being able to write; these are the various strands within the English learning area.

Year 9-Games as Text


It is the first form of art, it sits at the basis of everything that we use across all areas of our life. Ultimately, it is at the core of what you need for our world, healthy lifestyles, to innovate, to create to communicate. Our students will understand that Mathematics is about having a branding that can be applied across a variety of learning areas.

Belong Believe Become


Otherwise known as the BEST program, it is the best of Beaumaris; linking our environment, our marine world and our science with the community that we’re in and the technology that we can use to access it all. Allowing students to develop specific scientific skills and knowledge with areas such as biomedical, biomechanics, environmental science and science/marine technology.

We have the benefit of being located near Longhollow Heathland, Ricketts Point Sanctuary and Balcombe Reserve.  It is our proximity to these and so much more that will provide our students with practical opportunities for environmental learning.

Our students participate in a variety of experiments showcasing the skills they have developed in this learning area throughout the year.

Belong Believe Become
Our World


Our World is using what we know about the places that we live in terms of geographically about the world, understanding where we come from and the history that sits behind it. Traditionally this would address learning around Humanities although in the real world we don’t break the world up into Geography, History, Economics, Civics and Citizenship. It’s about the responsibility we have as critical global citizens and what that really means in our contribution to a society that our students, as young people, are going to grow up in and be a part of; we want to make this sustainable as they move forward. This learning areas will also facilitate an environment where students need to be able to communicate and relate and to communicate and relate, we need to know about our world.

Healthy Lifestyles

healthy lifestyles

There is a big focus in our community about being able to live a healthy lifestyle. This learning area allows student to develop an understand about their health and physical education whilst also determining what it means to be healthy and how to make healthy choices.

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This learning area addressesvisual arts with so much more than students have explored before because to create something you need to be able to communicate and relate and understand the work that you’re doing. This fosters an understanding of the world in the context that we’re in, CREATE allow students to make those links.

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CREATE – Performance is more than music, character and movement combined

In CREATE – Performance we imaginatively explore ideas through creative expression to make meaning as performers. Through active listening and practical skill development we broaden our creative experiences and collaborate to discover more about ourselves and others.

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This is a project based learning area where it takes the best of every learning area and ties them all together so that students can apply their learning on a very specific project. Students will be working in small groups although at times individually, it depends on the focus of the project. There will also be strong links to the community throughout the projects. At the end of each semester INNOVATE nights will be held where students will present to parents and the community.

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This learning area facilitates a pastoral care program which allows students to set goals. It also focuses on gratitude, organisation, aspirations and leadership skills. This is a time where the specific GOAL teacher will work with students and bring this all together for the students, in looking at what goals they want to set and how we will be contributing, in terms of our own generosity as a school, back into the community. GOAL will provide students with the opportunity to determine what their organisation is like, what they are aspiring to achieve over the course of INNOVATE and developing their leadership skills.

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LOTE – French & japanese

The two languages, French and Japanese were chosen based on what the local primary and secondary schools are studying. Also, allowing our students with access to a European and an Asian language was key to our languages program. It is evident based on the number of students who go onto further study languages into their senior years, that French and Japanese are the most popular languages studied across Victoria.

How does languages work?

In Year 7, all students will study a semester of French and a semester of Japanese.They will then choose a language to study for Year 8.Students are provided with the option of continuing their language study into their senior years.
Students who wish to study another language can do so through the Victorian School of Languages.

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