At Beaumaris Secondary College we believe that all learners can flourish when the school environment provides the conditions that promote curiosity, challenge and community. We are committed to the pursuit of academic excellence across a diverse and engaging curriculum, both in and outside the classroom, which is inclusive and responsive to the diversity of learners.

Our aim for our students to understand their personal agency and group capacity to contribute to our world in a positive, honest, and sustainable way with responsibility, pride and integrity.

At Beaumaris Secondary School our students will be:

  • Independent learners and free thinkers
  • Curious, self-aware and confident when expressing their ideas
  • Optimistic about the future
  • Globally aware
  • Enthusiastic about the experiences they share with their peers
  • Risk takers in their own learning
  • Have a sense of pride and responsibility to the school, each other and the wider community
  • Respectful, empathetic and tolerant of others



117/136 Reserve RD Beaumaris, Victoria 3193

(03) 8569 9200