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Life in Lockdown Podcast

Our Media Club put together their first podcast.  Check it out by pressing the play button below.

Life in Lockdown 2.0


The Innovate program will foster and establish connections that provide students the opportunity to understand the global community and how their decisions and actions have an impact locally and further afield. They will develop a sense of place in the world and understand the issues within a global context.
Innovate is a project-based program where all learning can be incorporated into student driven projects. Students work at their own pace and level so there is built in flexibility.Students work in small groups although at times individually, depending on the focus of the project. The Innovation Lab is the hub of ideation and creation.They will use the Innovation Studio/Lab to develop and create their project. Students will also have the opportunity to share their work in a showcase or expo at our INNOVATE nights which are held each semester, students will present to both parents and the local community.


The Expo night was set up for students to showcase their innovations and parents to see the young entrepreneurs present their ideas.We created a hypothetical investment opportunity for parents.They were provided with 1 million Beaumaris InvestmentDollars and asked to speak with students about their innovations and make decisions about how they would invest their money in the ideas presented.It was an exciting night for the parents and the students.It was an authentic audience for the innovations that they had created.