Curriculum Handbooks

Year 7 & 8

At Beaumaris Secondary College, we believe that all Year 7 & 8 learners flourish when the school environment provides the conditions that promote curiosity, challenge and community. We are committed to the pursuit of academic excellence across a diverse and engaging curriculum both in and outside learning spaces. Our online teaching and learning programs are integrated and support the needs of all learners. The curriculum is informed by the F-10 Victorian Curriculum and differentiated by process, product and content to all students to be immersed in deep learning suited to their ability. 

Year 9 & 10 Specialisms

At Beaumaris Secondary College our Year 9 & 10 curriculum is organised into Core and Specialisms. Each course is aligned to the F-10 Victorian Curriculum which is structured as a continuum across levels of learning. This approach allows students to choose their specialisms giving them greater ownership and commitment to their education. Students are encouraged through course counselling to select courses that will give them a breadth of experience and allow them to identify their academic strengths and interests.

Senior Pathways

At Beaumaris Secondary College we offer a flexible senior school program including, but not limited to a breadth of VCE offerings enabling the discovery and pursuit of individual passions that supports all students to flourish personally and academically; underpinned by our vision for Teaching and Learning.

Careers & Pathways

At Beaumaris Secondary College we offer career programs and services that support the development of the whole person. By providing up to date information and working collaboratively with the students, we help them make informed decisions about pathways within school and their future beyond Beaumaris Secondary College. Students and families can access information about senior pathways, post school options, workplace information and more on our Careers website.

BSC Careers Website

Learning Areas

Communicate & Relate

Communicate and Relate incorporates the English skills students require to actively contribute to society, including speaking and listening, reading and viewing and writing, which are the strands within the English learning area. In this learning area, students develop critical thinking skills and develop a social, emotional and personal understanding of their own development.

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Mathematics is at the core of all our learning areas. Students develop their mathematical understanding, fluency, reasoning, modelling and problem solving to develop numeracy skills for everyday life.


The BEST program links the environment, the marine world and science with the community. This learning area allows students to develop specific scientific skills and knowledge in areas such as biomedical science, biomechanics, environmental science, and science/marine technology. Our enviable proximity to Longhollow Heathland, Ricketts Point Sanctuary and Balcombe Reserve gives our students unique practical opportunities for environmental learning. 

Our World

In Our World, students learn about the world in which they live, from both a geographical and historical standing point. By understanding our past and how it relates to our present and future, students learn about the responsibility they have as critical global citizens and what it means to contribute to society.

Healthy Lifestyles

In Healthy Lifestyles, there is a strong focus on what it means to live a healthy life. Students not only develop an understanding of their own health and wellbeing, but the health of the wider school community. This learning area promotes the importance of being physically active whilst also determining what it means to be healthy and how to make healthy choices.


In CREATE-Visual, students are given opportunities to express themselves creatively with a variety of materials and equipment. They reflect on their own and others’ creativity, fostering an understanding of the world in which they live and reinforcing the value of creativity. Students learn about traditional and contemporary art practices, art history and visual design.

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In CREATE-Performance, students learn music and drama through practical and theoretical studies. Learning tasks focus on expressive performance and skill development. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to perform, including community performances, school productions and musicals.

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The Innovate program provides students with an opportunity to foster and establish local and global connections. Innovate is a project-based program where all learning can be incorporated into student-driven projects. Working at their own pace and level, students work on projects both collaboratively and individually and share their work in an Innovate Expo night held each semester, where students present their work to parents and the local community.

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As part of the Languages Program, students have the option to study French or Japanese. These languages allow students to access a European and Asian language. All students will study a semester of French and a semester of Japanese in Year 7. They will then choose one language to study in Year 8, with the option to continue that language throughout their middle and senior years.

Students who wish to study another language can do so through the Victorian School of Languages.