Meaningful Learning

Beaumaris Secondary College encourages its students to strive for excellence in all their endeavours. We provide sequential teaching and learning programs that deliver a comprehensive, broadly based and culturally inclusive curricula in line with the F-10 Victorian Curriculum. We support the development of cognitive, intrapersonal and interpersonal competencies that enable our students to transfer what they have learned to new situations and new problems. By engaging in deep learning our students become creative, connected and collaborative problem solvers who gain knowledge and skills for lifelong learning and who can use contemporary digital technologies to enhance their learning.

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Skills for the Future

We want our students to graduate as engaged global citizens armed with transferable skills.

Our students learn problem solving skills using Microsoft 21st Century Learning Design architecture and develop ‘learning-how-to-learn capabilities’ that enable them to thrive and contribute to ever-changing, new and challenging contexts.

The 21st Century Learning Design capabilities include:

  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge Construction
  • Self-Regulation
  • Real-world Innovation and Problem Solving
  • Skilful Communication
  • ICT for Learning

Project Based Learning

Project Based Learning (PBL) provides students with opportunities to discover passions and make connections through the process of meaningful inquiry.

We believe that problem solving is at the heart of learning, thinking and development. Our students are encouraged to be curious, ask questions and are taught how to engage in problems through PBL tasks.


Teaching Expertise

Our expert teachers guide students to inquire, create and exhibit their understanding and knowledge. Through this process, students ask probing questions that link to their prior knowledge, engage in authentic problem solving individually or in groups and reflect on their learning.

Learning Support 

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Flexible Learning Spaces

At Beaumaris Secondary College, we focus on providing the best possible environments for exciting and innovative education to take place. Our flexible learning environment promotes curiosity and freedom to engage with content in the way that best suits the students.

Our school has several diverse spaces including:

  • collaboration areas
  • casual learning spaces
  • direct instruction spaces
  • break-out spaces
  • outdoor learning areas

These areas promote collaboration and encourage students to be active participants in the learning process, while allowing teachers to deliver flexible lesson content in various styles.

Spaces can be adapted to best suit the needs of our students. By connecting curriculum, technology and space, teachers can create learning areas that promote social learning and maximum engagement.

Learning Areas

Please visit our Curriculum page for information on our core Learning Areas.