We acknowledge and embrace our history as Beaumaris High School and Beaumaris Campus while also looking to the future of education in the community as Beaumaris Secondary College.

Our local co-educational high school was re-opened in 2018 as Beaumaris Secondary College. We are proud to be continuing the tradition of educating local students in the community, which began as Beaumaris High School in 1958 and continued as the Beaumaris campus of Sandringham College thirty years later.

Headmaster W. F. Casey’s words from 1959 about the hopes for his students, and the importance of connection to parents and the wider community, are still very relevant today.

“The pupil must have developed the right attitudes, a sense of responsibility and a high standard of conduct so that they may take their place as sound citizens in our community. The qualities of the school would be hard pressed to instil in the child without the full cooperation and support of parents. I cannot stress too strongly for a very close link between school and home.”

Click here to read his full message to parents in the 1959 Landfall publication.

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