ICT Ready to Learn Expectations



ICT Expectation


Devices are not to be opened without teacher permission.

To be respectful to all members of a learning space.

All students MUST restart their device each day at the start of Session 1.

The network at the College is set up to ensure that all students can have access to the most up-to-date software and programs. To access the most recent updates students must restart their device.

Any programs, sites or applications not specifically related to the learning session should be closed prior to the commencement of each session and should not be accessed at any time throughout the session.

To avoid distractions and wasting of learning time.

Students MUST arrive to Session 1 with 100% battery life on their learning device with OneNote synced.

Devices will be used extensively during the school day. If a device is fully charged and used appropriately during the day, the battery will last the whole day. Charging stations for all students are not available at the College.

Spotify is NOT to be used at school.

Streaming and/or listening to music on Spotify drains battery life.

YouTube is blocked at the College.

Streaming on YouTube drains battery life.

Headphones are to be in Learning Areas only when given permission by the teacher.

To be respectful to all members of a learning space.

No games are to be downloaded at school.

At school your device is to be used for educational purposes.

Game can only be played during learning sessions with teacher permission.

Learning sessions are for educational purposes.

Students are not to touch or use another student’s device or stylus without their permission.

Devices are student’s personal property and responsibility.

Use of Microsoft OneNote and Teams.

Information documented in OneNote and Teams must relate to learning areas. Respectful language is to be used.

Students are not to edit or delete the work of other students or create teams for social interactions.

Microsoft OneNote and Teams are used as a platform for learning not a social media outlet.

The stylus pen should be brought to every class.

The stylus pen is part of the stationary list and is essential to teaching and learning.

All devices are to be in working order. A broken device needs to be repaired in a timely manner.

Devices are essential for our teaching and learning program.

Taking photos of students, teachers or school staff is prohibited unless specific consent has been obtained.

It is a breach of the privacy act to take photos of people without their consent.

Photographs, video or digital images of a student are considered “personal information” and therefore their use and disclosure are governed by the Information Privacy Act 2000 (Vic) (IP Act) and the Information Privacy Principles contained within it.  Photographs, video and digital images of students may also contain copyright, and therefore may also be governed by the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) (Copyright Act).

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