Remote and Flexible Learning begins Friday August 6th

We want to ensure the continuity of care, teaching, learning and support for all students during these everchanging times. As a result from Friday August 6 to Thursday August 12th, all students who can learn from home must learn from home.  

Friday August 6th will run as a remote and flexible learning day. We will focus on checking in with students to ensure they are prepared for the coming week of remote learning as well as take attendance.

Tutoring, EAGLE and MYLNS sessions will continue online.

Athletics Day will be rescheduled.  Alternative date will be provided once confirmed.

Variety Night rehearsal are postponed for next week.

All Morrisby Catch up interviews will be online. An update will be sent confirming dates and times.

All excursions and interschool sports for the week will be postponed. 

All students will be learning from home except the following students are able to attend school for on-site supervision, but will also undertake the remote learning program:

  • children of parents/carers who cannot make suitable arrangements to supervise children at home, including children of teachers in government schools who are required to return to work on-site
  • vulnerable students
  • students with disabilities who choose to attend on site.

If you need your child to attend on-site learning, please contact the school for the necessary documentation for attendance on

Timetable for Remote and Flexible Learning

Session 1
9:00am – 10:00am

10:00am – 10:30am

Session 2
10:30am – 11:30am

11:30am – 12pm

Session 3
12pm – 1pm


Session 4

Home Learning & Physical Activity

What does the structure of a school day look like?

  • Teachers and students will follow the timetable as per Compass, please note there have been changes due to new staff appointments.
  • Students are expected to be online in Teams with cameras on for the duration of the session.
  • Teachers will send a Teams notification to all students in the learning team informing them that the session will begin.
  • Teachers will mark the roll via Compass each session.
  • Students who do not respond to teacher communication throughout the session will be marked absent for the session.  This is up to teacher discretion.
  • Students learning at home are not required to wear school uniform but should instead wear comfortable and appropriate clothing that allows for physical activity.
  • Students learning on site are required to wear their Beaumaris Secondary College sports uniform.

How will teachers and students interact?

  • In the Meet Now function, we recommend that students mute their microphone unless they have a question for their teacher or have been asked to turn on their microphone by the teacher. Cameras should be on throughout the session.
  • Teachers will provide feedback to students on OneNote.
  • Students can continue to engage in educational conversations with one another in Teams.

How will we maintain learning continuity?

  • Teachers will continue to monitor and provide ongoing feedback on Actions in students’ OneNote notebooks.
  • Actions and PBLs may be adjusted to respond to remote learning.
  • Students will communicate in Teams as needed with their GOAL mentors and teachers for additional support.

How can students continue to collaborate?

Students can continue to collaborate in the collaboration space in OneNote.

Who can parents contact with educational or wellbeing needs during flexible and remote learning?

Parents should contact their child’s GOAL Mentor as their first point of support.  This can be done through Compass.

What do I during Year 7 and 8 sport?

We will communicate ideas to students via Compass Newsfeed on how to remain physically active.

How can I get IT support?

  • IT support will be available to all students and staff via an online Help Desk. Jobs can be logged using the following URL
  • Students and staff will require their COMPASS login details.
  • If required, the technicians will notify you to enable remote support of your device via Teams.
  • Jobs logged via the Help Desk will be responded to during normal business hours, Monday- Friday 9.00am-5.00pm.

 Thank you all so much.