All students are leaders

They are curious, self-aware and confident in expressing their ideas. They are optimistic about the future. They have a sense of pride and responsibility to each other, the school and the wider community. Our students are excellent ambassadors of what the college has to offer.


Our students are the future

Student voice and agency is central to our school culture. Student leadership roles, working groups, teacher selection panels and co-curricular activities provide students with countless opportunities to be involved in the school on many levels. 

Our students are developing leadership skills that are key in our dynamic environment.


Student Leadership Roles

School Captains and Vice Captains

• To represent the college/student body at school, community and forums/functions. To organise and preside over school assemblies.
• To work with the Student Leadership Team to develop a range of activities to foster student participation in a range of co curricular activities.
• To chair student leadership meetings
• To meet regularly with the Principal, Assistant Principals and teachers
• To speak at assemblies

Learning Team Leaders
Learning Team Leader

Provide curriculum critique by working closely with teachers
Be a part of the teacher selection process
Responsibility for learning spaces care and use
Assist with Open Night, Orientation Day and school information nights.
Be part of school tours
Represent learning team at leadership meetings
Representing the college at the local primary schools for information sessions
Contribute to school tours through sharing of teaching and learning program at the college

GOAL/House Leaders
GOAL/House Leaders

To have an active role in the House Sporting Carnivasl. This includes leading and encouraging participation on the day, dressing up and House Chants.
To assist in organising House activities sport and non-sport.
To update the College on House events etc at the whole school assembly each term.
To conduct House meetings with assistance from the House teacher. Includes working as part of a team to organise and plan each meeting; attending briefing and debriefing meetings with House teachers and other House leaders before and after House meetings.
To encourage and support all House members.
To assist in lunchtime activities.
To represent your GOAL group at leadership meetings.

Student Wellbeing Action Group
Student Wellbeing Action Group

To bring up and discuss any wellbeing issues and patterns of concerning behaviours within the school community
To work collaboratively with their peers and teachers to develop and implement wellbeing support strategies for students at the school
To assist in developing and the running of ‘Wellbeing Days’ for their relevant year levels, this may include GOAL group as well.
To contribute wellbeing articles or messages to our school community, via the parent newsletter and/or assemblies
To be wellbeing ambassadors for new year 7’s or for any other new student starting at our school.

ICT Champions
ICT Champion

Provide support for the learning team with device issues and Microsoft OneNote use
Participate in regular meeting with the ICT Tech Team regarding common device issues
Responsibility to provide support during lunchtimes as part of a termly roster
Represent the learning team on issues related to learning using the device
Identify solutions with the ICT Tech Team for better student device use
Assist with Open Night, Orientation Day and school information Nights

Community Liaison Leaders
Community Liaison Leaders

These leaders will work closely and regularly with local Police and Neighbourhood Watch members to develop crime prevention, personal safety and community safety strategies which will not only benefit themselves, their fellow students and school, but also their friends and family, and their local community. Crime prevention benefits everyone, and improves everyone’s safety in the community.Victoria Police and Neighbourhood Watch cannot do it all – they need everyone’s help.We ALL play a part in crime prevention, and in keeping ourselves and those around us safe.When we all work together, it’s a win-win for everyone.

CORE Learning Area Leaders

• Provide curriculum critique by working closely with teachers
• Be a part of the teacher selection process
• Co-construct our learning space displays, walls and visuals throughout the school
• Assist with Open Night, Orientation Day and school information nights.
• Be part of school tours
• Members of Curriculum Working Group
• Write for the newsletter on specific curriculum areas
• Work closely with teachers to organise learning area events eg. Art Show, PBL Showcase

Healthy Bodies

Healthy Minds


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