Is Beaumaris Secondary College zoned?

Yes. Students who reside within the designated neighbourhood boundary for our college are eligible for enrolment. Please visit our COLLEGE BOUNDARY page for more information.

Our boundary is set by the Department and we work closely with the Region to ensure that the DET Placement Policy is applied.

Is it necessary to attend a school tour?

It is highly recommended that parent/s AND student/s attend a school tour. CLICK HERE to book now!

How many students are enrolled at Beaumaris Secondary College?

We have an enrolment of 700 students in 2021 (Year 7 – 10), 880 in 2022 (Year 7 – 11) and capacity for 1100 in 2023 (Year 7 – 12). 

How do I enrol?

Please see our ENROLMENT PROCESS page.

What does it cost to attend Beaumaris Secondary College?

Please visit our CHARGES page for more information.

Charges for Year 7 2022 will be emailed to parents/carers in November 2021 with Orientation information.

Is Beaumaris Secondary College a BYOD school?

Yes, please visit our BYOD PROGRAM page for more information.

Can we buy the same device without going through the school portal?

It is not compulsory to order a device through our BYOD portal however, we recommend this as the device is then supported by the Learning with Technologies (LWT) technicians and insurance. If the device is damaged or has a warranty issue, LWT send a technician to the school to resolve it.

If you purchase a device outside of the portal, your child will still receive technical support from our technicians however any damage or warranty issues will need to be handled externally.

Can we buy a different device?

The curriculum has been designed for use with a touch screen and stylus-based device. It is therefore recommended that devices are compatible with this type of learning so it doesn’t take students longer to access and complete the learning tasks.