Careers & Pathways

We offer career programs and services that support the development of the whole person. By providing up to date information and working collaboratively with the students, we help them make informed decisions about pathways within school and their future beyond Beaumaris Secondary College.

Career education is an essential part of what students receive at our school. It prepares them for the big learning, work and life decisions ahead, to be ready for changes in the Victorian economy, and capable of navigating transitions in their professional lives.

Career education has three core components: self-discovery and development, exploring and experiencing work and career paths, and setting goals. 

Every student at our school creates an individual annual career action plan, from Year 9 - 12. You will receive a copy of this along with their report.

Course counselling is particularly important right now, as senior secondary education Victoria is changing. Our students have new options, including the VCE Vocational Major, and the Victorian Pathways Certificate. 

You can visit the Victorian Government website to learn more about the Changes to senior secondary education

As their parent, you will be the single greatest influence on their education and career decisions. There are many opportunities through Years 7-12 where you can support your child to explore options and make decisions. The Department of Education has more information about Career and course exploration with your child

Our Careers Team is well-equipped to guide students through the process of career education. If you have any questions about our careers program, please speak to Ms Stephanie Martin, Mr Jack Crameri or Ms Andy Farrow.

My Career Insights

Year 9

Beaumaris Secondary College participates in the My Career Insights program, which means our students get access to the world-leading Morrisby online career education tool.

My Career Insights will help your child:

  • Learn about what skills and abilities they could bring to a career.
  • Find out about what jobs match their abilities, interests and personality, and the subjects they need for those jobs.

As part of the My Career Insights program, your child will:

  • Complete a series of online questions and quizzes on the Morrisby website at school (or at home if it cannot be completed at school).
  • Receive a Morrisby Profile Report showing the results from the questions and quizzes, which summarises their individual strengths and interests and suggests related career paths and study options.
  • Have a 30-minute meeting with a Morrisby-trained professional Career Practitioner, who will explain the report to your child. Parent/guardians can attend this meeting.

Your child will also receive careers counselling before choosing their senior secondary subjects and further education and training courses.

The 'My Career Insights Program' was a great indicator as to what I might want to be when I graduate because, before this, I had no idea what I wanted to be. The results mentioned that I might want to be involved in health or economics and then it gave me a list of jobs in those fields that would best suit me according to my Q&A results. Overall, the Morrisby Career Pathways Program gave me and many other students a strong indication as to what we might want to be when we grow up.

Matthew M - Year 9 2021

Year 10 Work Experience

The Year 10 Work Experience Program is a transformative week where students step into the professional world, gaining hands-on experience, developing crucial skills and building valuable connections. This program reflects our commitment to bridging the gap between academia and the professional realm. We are always excited to witness the growth, exploration and invaluable lessons that unfold during this enriching week.

Year 12 Career Interviews

Personalised Careers Interviews are conducted for our Year 12 students as they explore possibilities and map out their journey ahead. Their parents are also encouraged to attend.

BSC Careers Website

The Beaumaris Careers website is your go-to resource for senior pathways, post-school options, workplace information and more. Explore the student portal to access tools like the Career Action Plan, e-Portfolio, Skills and Abilities Evaluation, and Career Investigator, providing invaluable insights into VCE Studies and opportunities beyond school.

Beaumaris Careers Website

Other Career Programs and Services

We have a range of offerings, including resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, mock interviews, industry talks, individual career counselling, the Career Action Plan, Career Expo visits and the Careers Club. Each program contributes to students' holistic development and paves the way for a successful future.