A place to

Belong, Believe,

Fostering curiosity through
an engaging curriculum

Nurturing healthy minds
and bodies

Igniting creativity and

Empowering student voice
and embracing diversity.

Welcome to Beaumaris Secondary College

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Welcome to Beaumaris Secondary College

Join us on this journey where students:

  • BELONG to a community where to learn is to grow.
  • BELIEVE in our core values of curiosity, optimism, respect and excellence, and that these values can change the world.
  • BECOME their best selves on the journey, and the designers of our future.
Debby Chaves - Principal

At Beaumaris Secondary College, student voice lies at the very core of our educational experience. From formal events and social gatherings to school schedules and uniform choices, students actively participate in decision-making. I believe that this is one of the many reasons that Beaumaris is such an amazing school.

Oskar – Year 8

I feel so grateful to have had amazing teachers that were always available to answer questions, provide feedback and offer advice.

Margot - 2023 Dux

The House Athletics Carnival is an amazing event that gets the whole school involved in all sorts of activities. It’s a day that every student looks forward to.

Amelia – Year 12

A Rigorous and Engaging Curriculum

A pathway for every young person

Our vision is to create an environment that fuels curiosity, challenges thinking and instils a profound sense of purpose within our community. Beaumaris is more than a school; it’s a vibrant community that nurtures identity, belonging and personal success.

Year 7 & 8

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Year 9 & 10

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Annual Events

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Explore The Beaumaris Way

Embark on a journey of discovery through The Beaumaris Way – a path that inspires students to become their best selves. Experience the vibrant culture of support, collaboration and growth that defines our community, and explore the opportunities for personal and academic development within our dynamic environment and world-class facilities.

The Beaumaris Way

Our commitment to quality education shines through with our smaller student-to-staff ratio. We prioritise individual needs and passions, ensuring every child is known, valued and supported.

Picture courtesy:
Nicki Connolly/Herald Sun