Welcome to Beaumaris Secondary College

Our vision is to provide our students with an environment that promotes curiosity, challenges their thinking and gives them a sense of purpose within their community.

We are committed to the pursuit of academic excellence across a diverse and engaging curriculum, both inside and outside the classroom. 

We are much more than a school at Beaumaris Secondary College, we are a community that provides students with a strong sense of identity and belonging. Our culture is built on mutual respect, genuine connections, collective expectations, and personal success for each student.

We want all our students to know that:

  • You BELONG to the Beaumaris Secondary College community where to learn is to grow.
  • We BELIEVE in our CORE values of curiosity, optimism, respect and excellence and that these values can change the world.
  • You will BECOME your best selves on this journey, and the designers of our future.

Why Choose Beaumaris Secondary College?

We have a welcoming and supportive school environment that reflects our CORE values of curiosity, optimism, respect and excellence. Our professional and committed staff take the time to develop a strong rapport with students and their families to achieve the best outcomes for academic success, while supporting wellbeing. In line with the Victorian Curriculum, our teachers have curated a program that cultivates curiosity, promotes reflection and makes real world connections.

What does this look like for parents? An authentic partnership with the school to support your child as they navigate the challenging and complex adolescent years.