Micro-credentials Program

Our commitment to cultivating a supportive environment for physical, social, intellectual and emotional engagement is exemplified through our innovative Micro-credentialing framework led by our Engagement and Micro-credentials Leader.

Micro-credentials Program

In recognition of the evolving demands of our world, where lifelong learning and versatile skills are paramount, we believe in providing our students with a diverse range of opportunities. Our Micro-credentials Program is designed to acknowledge and celebrate individual skills and talents in a safe and nurturing community.

Micro-credentials, also known as nanodegrees or digital badges, represent the achievement of specific skills required by industries, professional associations, or the community. What sets micro-credentials apart is their focus on 'bite-sized' chunks of learning, illustrating proficiency in a particular skill. Developed with specific industries in mind, these credentials are not only relevant but also recognised by future employers.

Students receive a comprehensive report of their Micro-credential achievements annually, providing them with a valuable tool when applying for jobs and select entry programs.

Furthermore, our unique Micro-credentialing framework allows students to accumulate points towards college awards throughout their time at school, creating a tangible record of their growth and accomplishments. This personalised and transferrable approach to learning aligns with our vision of preparing students to be sought-after employees in the job market.

At Beaumaris Secondary College we celebrate individual achievements, encourage skill development and empower our students to become lifelong learners through our dynamic Micro-credentials Program.

Micro-credential Courses

  • AFL Umpire School Academy
  • Barista
  • CPR and First Aid
  • Food Handling and Safety
  • Responsible Serving of Alcohol

Micro-credentials Week

In the final week of school each year, students have the opportunity to explore alternative learning experiences without the pressure of formal assessments. Students can sign up for their preferred programs via Compass, selecting from a diverse range of engaging full or half-day options. Micro-Credentials Week is designed to inspire curiosity and foster personal growth through acquiring new knowledge and skills in a relaxed setting.

Participants engage in courses such as Baking for the Holidays, Barista Course, Beginner Guitar, Dance and Musical Theatre, Bike Maintenance, and much more.

Literature enthusiasts gather in the Book Club, while fitness enthusiasts embrace the challenge of Boot Camp. Adventurous spirits scale new heights in Bouldering and explore the fascinating world of Colourful Chemicals, while practical life skills are emphasised in CPR and First Aid.

Creativity is expressed through Pottery and Laser Cutting, and literary pursuits continue with Creative Writing, alongside exploration of electronics in Electronics and Soldering.

Offerings extend to a variety of interests, including Golf Skills, Gelli Plate Printing, Gingerbread House construction, and the precision of Sushi and Origami. Mindful pursuits find expression in Mindful Writing and Study Supervision, promoting a balanced approach to learning.

Micro-Credentials Week creates a vibrant tapestry of learning experiences, and we are excited about the positive impact these newfound skills will have on our school community and beyond.

Watch: 2022 'Shoot to Show' Micro-Credentials Week Program

'I Can See You'

Students only had 2.5 hours to make a 1-minute silent video!