Parents as Partners

We firmly believe in the power of collaboration and the significance of strong partnerships. Our commitment to this belief is embodied in our 'Parents as Partners' initiative, which serves as a fundamental pillar of our educational philosophy. We understand that education thrives when there is seamless integration between home and school, and we actively seek to involve families in every aspect of our students' learning journey.

The college aims to ensure that the unique experiences and skills of our students’ families enrich the learning environment and the college community. Through involving families as participants in college decision-making, coordinating resources and services from the community for families, students, and the college, providing opportunities for resources and sessions on a wide range of academic, social, and wellbeing topics, and involving families in Student Support Groups, we strive to create a collaborative and supportive atmosphere.

As partners in your child's education, we value open communication and encourage your active involvement. Our teachers are dedicated to keeping you informed about your child's progress, achievements, and any challenges they may face. We recognise that you know your child best, and together, we can tailor educational experiences that cater to their unique needs and strengths.

Throughout the academic year, we offer various opportunities for parents to engage with the school community, including Meet the GOAL Mentor evenings, Parent/Teacher/Student conferences, information evenings, and special events. By working together, we can provide a well-rounded and nurturing educational experience for every child.

We also invite parents to actively participate in school activities, School Council, Parents’ Association, and volunteer opportunities. Your involvement not only enhances the school community but also demonstrates to your child the importance of a collaborative approach to learning and personal growth.

We encourage parents to stay informed and connected through Compass, the website, Facebook, Instagram and our newsletter. At Beaumaris Secondary College, we celebrate the diversity of our families and believe that every parent has a valuable role to play in the education of our students.

Together, we can inspire a love for learning, foster academic success, and prepare our students for a bright future. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to reach out. We look forward to sharing this journey of partnership and educational excellence with you.