Media Club

Interested in making films, documentaries, podcasting, radio shows or animation? Then Media Club is for you!

Radio Shows

The Beaumaris Secondary College Media Club has been actively participating in Southern FM airwaves, showcasing a diverse range of content and talents. Throughout various broadcasts, students have hosted live shows, conducted interviews and produced engaging segments.

In July 2021, Year 7 students Bailey W and Andy M hosted a show while producer Bjorn S managed the production, playing music and conducting interviews with members of the Anime Club.

Later in November 2021, the Reuben duo, Reuben M and Reuben K, alongside producer Bjorn S, presented a dynamic show featuring interviews with Mr Burley about his musical career and segments like "Would You Rather" and "The Social Media Game."

In 2022 and 2023, the Media Club continued its successful run with live shows featuring interviews with school staff and alumni, such as our inaugural VCE Coordinator Deb Jarvis and former Media Club member Jamie V, who now resides in Dallas.

The club's proficiency in live broadcasting was evident as they handled interviews, segments and music seamlessly, setting a high standard for future broadcasts. With dedicated students and supportive supervision, the Media Club continues to excel, promising more exciting shows in the future.

WATCH: The Bjorn and Reuben Show

31 March 2023

School Promotional Videos

Media Club produces a range of school videos that promote the various activities run throughout a college year. These include CORE videos and the Sports Review video for Presentation Evening, 'GOAL Explainers' and the 'Welcome to Year 7' video. This experience allows our students to gain vital production skills required for corporate employment opportunities post school.

WATCH: The 2023 Sports Review

The Time Capsule Project

The experiences, learnings and resilience of our students during the 2020 and 2021 pandemic were captured by our Media Club students (supported by Mr Slocum and Mr de Valle) in a Time Capsule documentary and photo mosaic canvas using photos taken by students representing their time in lockdown. We would like to acknowledge Bayside City Council, Lions Club of Sandringham and Headspace for providing the grant that made this project possible.


Media Club completed its first podcast in 2019. Jamie V worked diligently during Media Club time to develop, write, record and edit his podcast, and Bjorn S assisted Jamie with postproduction knowledge. Check it out below!

Life in Lockdown PodcastLife in Lockdown 2.0 Podcast

Sandy Beach Centre Promotional Video


Media Club members Bjorn S and Jamie V shot and edited a promotional video for Sandy Beach Community Centre. Sandy Beach plays an integral part in the Sandringham community by linking people to services. The video plays an important role in displaying the diverse range of activities the centre offers with the aim of attracting new clients and broadening knowledge of what the centre provides within the community.