Teaching & Learning

High Abilities & Deeper Learning

Our commitment to individualised learning and academic excellence ensures that each student has the tools and resources to reach their full potential. We celebrate the diversity of talents and passions within our student body and strive to nurture a culture of continuous growth and exploration.

High Abilities

We are committed to constantly seeking opportunities for all of our students to learn and grow according to their individual needs. Students who place in the top 10% of their year level through standardised testing are eligible to be considered for opportunities aimed at high abilities students. These opportunities include:

  • Advanced STEM courses through Emerging Sciences Victoria
  • Workshops through the Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series
  • Victorian High Abilities Program (VHAP) - Mathematics and English
  • High Abilities Wider Knowledge (HAWK) Program
  • Maths Enhancement Program (MEP)
  • Kwong Lee Dow Young Scholars Program
  • Centre for Higher Education Studies (CHES)
  • Co-curricular activities such chess tournaments and Interschool Debating.

I’m very grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to study at CHES, and thankful for my teachers there, as well as the facilitators here, who supported my journey. I’ve learnt so much through this subject, even more than I expected to. I’ve made friendships with like-minded people, whom despite their distance, will remain firm friends for years to come.

Ayesha G (Year 12)

Deeper Learning

For students who demonstrate mastery of core academic skills and knowledge, we facilitate extension and enhancement opportunities to allow them to apply their expertise in meaningful ways. Our approach encourages critical thinking, self-directed learning and the setting of personal goals in collaboration with teachers. Students embark on a journey of deeper learning, exploring questions driven by curiosity at their own pace.

The Learning Pit

Inspired by James Nottingham, the Learning Pit serves as a visual metaphor, illustrating how facing challenges leads to enhanced and deeper learning. At Beaumaris, we empower students to recognise when learning becomes challenging and articulate the strategies needed to overcome difficulties. Students are encouraged to discuss challenges with peers, fostering a collaborative and supportive learning environment.

The Learning Pit

Year 12 Extension Workshop Program

To further support students seeking challenges, we offer a variety of Year 12 Extension Workshops during lunchtime and before/after school. These workshops cover diverse topics aimed at supporting students in their SAC and exam preparation. We take pride in witnessing students enthusiastically engage with these opportunities to extend and deepen their learning.