GOAL Program

The purpose of our GOAL Program (Gratitude, Organisation, Aspirations & Leadership) is to develop authentic and positive relationships between students, staff and parents. Students explore issues related to their wellbeing, including mental health awareness and respectful relationships.

Weekly GOAL Session

All students must study GOAL in both Semester 1 and Semester 2. GOAL occurs on a Monday in Session 3 where students meet with their GOAL mentor and GOAL group.

Our GOAL program cultivates an environment that supports the physical, social, intellectual and emotional development of every student. Through this program, GOAL mentors build a community that nurtures and respects individual differences and talents, creates a safe and supportive environment and celebrates achievements.

GOAL Mentors

GOAL Mentors are key figures in the delivery of wellbeing programs to students. Each GOAL Mentor plays an important leadership role in the college. Not only do they maintain effective communication between students, their learning area teachers, and parents, but they also have an integral role in the development of a collaborative culture. They work closely with our Head of Wellbeing to create a structured and supportive wellbeing program. Our Head of Wellbeing is a school psychologist and can provide further support and guidance to students and families.

The primary focus of a GOAL Mentor is the wellbeing of each student in his or her care. The role requires wise judgment, an open mind, a focus on consultation, collaborative problem-solving, and teamwork. GOAL Mentors must strive to ensure a positive atmosphere within their group and between themselves and the students. Students must trust the GOAL Mentor, knowing that their views are considered, and that they receive honest, concerned, and professional care consistently.

Your child’s Goal Mentor will be your first port of call for any academic and/or wellbeing concerns.

2024 GOAL Mentors