We take pride in offering a diverse range of clubs and extend a warm invitation to every student to explore their interests, foster new connections, and create lasting memories during their time with us.

BSC Clubs

At Beaumaris Secondary College, we believe in holistic development and enhancing the student experience beyond the classroom. Engagement in these clubs not only promotes personal growth but also contributes to a vibrant and inclusive school community, and the overall wellbeing of our students.

Led by our dedicated staff, our clubs serve as dynamic platforms for students to explore new hobbies, develop skills and build lasting friendships. From academic and arts-focused clubs to sports, inclusion and cultural endeavours, our extensive range ensures there's a club to match every student's interests and aspirations.

2024 Semester 1 Clubs Timetable

2024 Semester 1 Clubs Timetable

Anime Club

In Anime Club, we watch an episode of anime each week and also hold various competitions throughout the terms, such as drawing competitions and occasional quizzes. Whether you've watched all 1000+ episodes of One Piece or have never watched an anime before and are interested in starting, this is your chance to come and hang out, watch shows with people of similar interests.

Art Club

Unleash your creativity! Join the Art Club to explore and express your artistic talents.

Artisanship Club

From painting and sculpting to crafting and design projects, our club offers a space for students to express themselves artistically and unleash their craftsmanship.

Astronomy Club

Join us as we explore the wonders of the universe together. From stargazing sessions to learning about celestial phenomena, our club offers exciting opportunities for students to delve into the mysteries of space. 

Attenborough Club

Lunchtime escapades filled with David Attenborough documentaries, animal-themed board games and relaxing mindfulness colouring!


Do you need help with some of your BEST work? Keen to do some mini experiments? Want to chat about all things science?

Book Club

Let your creativity flow in the world of literature. Join the Book Club for a journey through the captivating realm of books.

Career Support Club

Need help with resumes or figuring out your post-school plans? Attend Careers Club and chat to the Careers Team.

Chess Club

Whether you're a beginner or a chess master, Chess Club welcomes all enthusiasts. Learn the ropes or be challenged!

Classics Club

Are you interested in the Ancient Greeks and Romans? Want to discuss the outcome of the Trojan War?

Climate Action Club

Make a difference and learn about environmental action in Earth Club. Showcase your commitment to Planet A to future employers and universities.

Coding Club

Our Coding Club is a dynamic space where students explore the exciting world of programming and computer science. Dive into practical coding exercises and projects that bring your ideas to life, learn and master popular coding languages, engage in team-based coding projects, fostering teamwork and camaraderie and explore diverse aspects of technology, from app development to game design.

Dance Club

All students, regardless of their dance experience, are welcome to join Dance Club. Learn new skills, practice choreography and have fun!

Debating Club

In Semester 1, our Interschool Debating Teams refine their skills at Debating Club each week during lunch. In Semester 2, the Debating Club transforms into a more general Public Speaking Club to prepare students for public speaking competitions and Model UN.


Drama Club

Build confidence in performing, play drama games and learn key drama skills. 

Duke of Edinburgh Club

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is an internationally recognised award developing students' leadership skills, resilience and commitment, whilst pursuing their interests and making connections with the community. The Duke of Edinburgh Club supports students to achieve the award. Come along to the Duke of Edinburgh Club if you'd like to:

  • learn more about the program
  • workshop ideas for different activities you could do
  • get some inspiration.

Duke of Edinburgh's International Award

Electronics Club

Explore creativity and technical expertise in Electronics Club. Engage in creating circuits, soldering, robotics, coding, laser cutting and 3D printing.

E-sports Club

Level up with the E-Sports Club! Dive into the world of competitive gaming and connect with fellow gamers. Whether you're a casual player or aspiring pro, our club offers a supportive environment to sharpen your skills and build lasting friendships. Join us and experience the thrill of e-sports firsthand!

Fitness Club

Improve your overall health and wellbeing by joining the Gym Program. Attend morning fitness sessions in a supervised and safe environment (Year 9 – 11 students).

History Club

Come to History Club to discuss any questions or topics you are interested in, from the big ideas to the little facts you've always wanted to know! Come and join the discussion or feel free to ask for support with your history subjects from the VCE History Teachers.

Home Learning Support

Home Learning Support runs on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 3.15 – 4.15 in B13 for any student requiring additional support with home learning tasks or wanting a quiet place to study. All students are encouraged to attend as needed. 

Japanese Club

Practice speaking and listening skills in Japanese and enjoy fun quizzes in the Japanese Conversation Club.

Knitting Club

Get cozy with the Knitting Club! Whether you're an experienced knitter or just starting out, join us for a relaxing and creative time. Learn new stitches, share patterns and create handmade treasures with fellow knitting enthusiasts. 

Lego Club

Join the Lego Club for a world of endless creativity and fun! From building epic structures to designing imaginative worlds, unleash your inner architect and engineer. Whether you're a master builder or just starting out, come join us and let's build together!

Lunchtime Learning Club

Bring your lunch and anything you want to work on!

Magazine Club

The Magazine Club serves as the meeting time for the student paper group. This is a student-led publication, where the paper team convenes to discuss ideas, articles, artwork submissions, and other content for the school paper. This paper is then distributed to students and other members of the school community.

Maths Club

All students are welcome to attend Maths Club to catch-up on any work, ask questions and be challenged further. Learn some handy tips and tricks to make maths easier! Practice makes perfect.

Media Club

Interested in making films, documentaries, podcasting, radio shows or animation? Come along and get making!

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Music Jam Club

Come along and make some music with friends! Learn how to play in a band and meet other musos at BSC!

Tabletop Games Club

Play a variety of games in Tabletop Games Club, from chess and checkers to Yugioh, Magic The Gathering, DnD, Pathfinder and more. Feel free to bring your own games too!

Textiles Club

From sewing and embroidery to fabric painting and design, unleash your creativity and explore the world of fabric crafting. 

VCE Study Groups

Come along to catch-up on any work, ask questions, learn study techniques, revise for SACs and be challenged further.

Work Experience Club

Need help getting sorted for Work Experience? Our club offers guidance and support for securing meaningful work placements. 

Year 7 Club

Open to all Year 7 students, Year 7 Club offers fun activities and opportunities to make new friends during lunch. Supervised by the Wellbeing Team and Bayside Youth Services, activities include group games, giant jenga, giant naughts and crosses, giant wooden quoits, giant checkers, giant Kubb set, creative activities and card games.

Yearbook Club

Join the Yearbook Club and be part of creating our school's cherished keepsake. From photography and design to storytelling and layout, unleash your creativity and help preserve the memories of the school year. Whether you're passionate about graphic design, photography, or just want to leave your mark, join us and let's make this year unforgettable!

500 Club 

"500 is probably the greatest card game ever" - Dalai Lama

Learn or compete in the greatest card game ever, "500." Challenge the best players in school and enjoy a friendly card game. If you have questions or want to learn more about 500, don't hesitate to ask. Make a head start on the competition by reading the wiki page: