Teaching & Learning

Inclusion & Learning Support

We are committed to delivering an inclusive education, ensuring that every student, including those with disabilities, have access to a quality education tailored to meet their diverse needs. Our approach is centred on personalised learning and support, aiming to create an environment where every student can thrive.

Individual Education Plans (IEPs) & Personalised Support

To identify and address the unique needs of students, we employ a comprehensive approach. Transition information, Progress Achievement Testing, and feedback from students and parents contribute to the identification process. Working collaboratively with teachers, students develop Individual Education Plans (IEPs) that outline personalised learning goals. Regular Student Support Group meetings are held to evaluate progress and adapt programs accordingly.

Students on IEPs receive the full range of reports provided to other students. Accommodations may include modifications to assessments, such as a reduction in the number or length of tasks, extra time for completion, or the provision of individualised assignments. Our commitment is to ensure that every student, regardless of their abilities, receives the necessary support to excel academically.

Educational Assistance Group Learning Enhancement (EAGLE) Program

Our literacy-focused EAGLE program utilises a multisensory approach to the explicit teaching of the alphabetic code. Aimed at students with specific learning needs, including dyslexia and auditory processing challenges, the program focuses on decoding, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary building, spelling improvement and boosting learning confidence. Students are selected based on individual needs and receive a 30-minute session once a week for additional support.

Middle Years Literacy and Numeracy Support (MYLNS)

Our participation in the MYLNS program, a state government initiative, reflects our commitment to addressing literacy and numeracy challenges. Through targeted support based on NAPLAN data, PAT data and work samples, we aim to ensure that 15 prioritised students receive intensive teaching support throughout the year. This initiative aligns with our broader efforts to enhance literacy and numeracy outcomes for all students.

At Beaumaris Secondary College, we celebrate diversity and prioritise the wellbeing and academic success of every student. Our inclusive approach is a testament to our commitment to providing a supportive and enriching learning environment for all.