Our Buildings & Grounds

Our commitment to providing an exceptional educational experience is complemented by our modern and well-equipped buildings and grounds. We are proud to provide a learning environment where creativity, collaboration and excellence thrive.

Discover firsthand the exceptional buildings and grounds that contribute to the dynamic and enriching learning experience at Beaumaris Secondary College. We look forward to showcasing our facilities and answering any questions you may have.

Art Spaces

Equipped with spacious studios flooded with natural light, students are inspired to unleash their creativity through various mediums. Our facilities boast top-tier equipment and resources, providing students with everything they need to bring their visions to life. Moreover, our outdoor deck offers another setting where students can immerse themselves in painting, drawing or other artistic endeavours, gathering inspiration from our rich local environment.

Bike Sheds

We prioritise eco-friendly transportation and encourage students to ride to school. To support this initiative, we provide convenient bike sheds via Reserve and Balcombe Roads where students can securely park their bicycles during the school day. While we offer a safe storage solution, we strongly recommend that students utilise bike locks to ensure the utmost security for their bikes.

Bob Whiteway Resource Centre

Our Resource Centre is an integral part of our school's learning environment. Named in honour of Bob Whiteway, this versatile space is equipped with a large screen and tiered seating, creating an ideal setting for educational activities, workshops and information sessions. Whether it's for collaborative learning or engaging presentations, the Resource Centre provides students and staff with a dynamic space to enhance their learning experience.


Our centrally located canteen, situated in the heart of the central plaza, is open from Monday to Friday, for orders and over-the-counter sales during breaks and lunchtime.


Explore the possibilities for your future at our dedicated Careers space, located on level 2. Here, students and parents can access a range of career programs and services tailored to their needs. From insightful interviews to personalised guidance, our space is designed to support students on their journey ahead.

Creative Studio

Our Creative Studio offers budding filmmakers a space to explore and create using a green screen, lights and photography.

Design Spaces

Specifically tailored for Architecture, Visual Communication and Design & Technology, these innovative environments provide the perfect canvas for students to bring their visions to life. Equipped with cutting-edge tools and technology, our design spaces inspire exploration, experimentation and collaboration. Whether sketching blueprints, crafting digital masterpieces, or prototyping innovative creations, students are empowered to unleash their full creative potential in these dynamic environments.

Fab Lab

Innovation and creativity converge in a space equipped with state-of-the-art technology to inspire our students. Our Fab Lab, featuring a laser cutter, 3D printer and cricut machine, is a hub of hands-on learning, fostering a dynamic environment where students can turn their imaginative ideas into tangible projects.

Fitness Centre

Located in the MCC Pavilion, students from Year 9 to 11 have the opportunity to use the Fitness Centre each morning in a supervised and safe environment. Students can participate in teacher-led sessions or follow their own individually approved programs. It's a great way to kickstart the day!

Flexible Learning Spaces

Our modern learning spaces are designed to inspire creativity and academic excellence. Equipped with the latest technology and comfortable seating, students engage in diverse areas including collaboration spaces, casual learning zones and outdoor areas. These adaptable spaces prioritise innovative education, fostering social learning and maximum engagement through flexible design and varied teaching formats. Our focus is on creating optimal environments where students can actively participate in the learning process, promoting curiosity and collaboration.

Food Technology

Our Food Technology Labs seamlessly blend the precision of modern induction technology with the timeless tradition of gas-powered cooking. This unique combination allows students to explore a diverse range of culinary techniques, preparing them for the dynamic and evolving world of culinary arts.

Designed to encourage teamwork and collaboration, our food labs feature spacious workstations where students can engage in group projects, share ideas and collaborate on culinary creations.

Students have numerous opportunities to interact with our food technology learning space within Innovate, Languages and Healthy Lifestyles. They participate in a variety of cooking experiences that focus on promoting healthy, ethical and sustainable habits.

Genius Bar

Our students and staff receive support from full-time technicians stationed at the Genius Bar on the ground floor. All students are expected to bring their own device to school daily. We've partnered with Learning with Technologies to enhance and support our managed BYOD program.


Our Gym, located in the Activity Centre, is fully equipped with tiered seating, a basketball court and loads of sports equipment. The Gym serves as a versatile space for various activities. From Healthy Lifestyles classes to hosting assemblies, information evenings and Presentation Evenings, our Gym is a hub for school-wide events. Additionally, local sporting clubs benefit from our facility, hiring the Gym for their activities outside of school hours.

Instrumental Spaces

Students learn music through practical and theoretical studies in our music spaces which are equipped with a large range of instruments. We also have small breakout spaces for individual music tuition.


Physics, Chemistry and Biology

From cutting-edge equipment to hands-on experiments, students have the opportunity to explore the wonders of science in our specialised labs that encourage experimentation and discovery.


Our library is more than just a space for books; it's a hub for research, collaboration, and exploration. With an extensive collection of resources and a dedicated media centre, students can delve into a world of knowledge and information. The library boasts a growing and dynamic book collection, empowering students to discover the best sources of information. Recognising that Google may not always provide the most accurate information, students are guided towards books, websites or specific databases. Our aim is to prepare students for the demands of the 21st century, fostering deep exploration and efficiency in information retrieval. Students can borrow books, suggest additions to the collection and engage in the joy of reading through Book Club.

The resources available in this space support various styles of reading, researching, and studying, enhancing adaptability and enriching the learning experience.

MCC Pavilion

The MCC Pavilion is a dynamic hub utilised for a multitude of events during school hours. From engaging incursions to empowering Student Leadership Conferences, this modern facility serves as a vibrant centre for learning, collaboration and inspiration.

Multi Purpose Pitch

Our superior Multi Purpose Pitch (MPP), shared with the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), is used for Healthy Lifestyles classes and sports training. Students also have access to the MPP during breaks and lunchtime.

Outdoor Learning Spaces

Our innovative approach to learning at Beaumaris Secondary College, encourages the use of outdoor spaces. Balconies are transformed into vibrant outdoor classrooms where students can embrace the beauty of our surroundings, engaging in dynamic lessons while enjoying fresh air and natural light.

Performance Spaces

Complete with tiered seating and a performance space, we have the perfect platform for students to showcase their talents in music, drama and beyond. This space is also used for incursions and information sessions.

Senior Centre

The Senior Centre provides a positive, welcoming and engaging environment for our senior students. They have a dedicated space for silent study, group work and classes, along with an indoor/outdoor lounge area equipped with a refrigerator, microwaves, sandwich press and a dishwasher. The Senior Centre can also be used before and after school.

Sick Bay

We have a fully equipped sickbay which is overseen by a dedicated First Aid officer. We prioritise the health and wellbeing of our students and our sickbay provides prompt and professional care, ensuring students receive the attention they need.

Sporting Ovals

Our superior sporting ovals, shared with the Melbourne Cricket Club (MCC), are used for Healthy Lifestyles classes and sports training. Students also have access to the ovals during breaks and lunchtime.


Students can explore the world of craftsmanship and innovation in our fully equipped workshops tailored for timber and metal work, as well as jewellery making. Our facilities provide students with hands-on experience and the tools necessary to bring their creative visions to life. Additionally, our machine room is available for staff use, ensuring a safe and efficient working environment.

Students in Year 9 and 10 delve into the realm of artisanship, while those pursuing VCE subjects such as Product Design and Technology and Systems Engineering benefit from practical applications and experiential learning opportunities within these workshops. Whether it's shaping raw materials into functional creations or refining techniques to precision, our workshops offer a dynamic space for exploration and skill development.