At Beaumaris Secondary College, the journey doesn't end at graduation; it transforms into a lifelong connection. Upon graduating, students automatically become Life Members of the Beaumaris Alumni. Our inaugural class of Beaumaris Secondary College alumni proudly graduated in 2023, marking the beginning of a vibrant alumni community.

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Embracing Our History

We cherish our rich history as Beaumaris High School and the Beaumaris Campus. The legacy of these institutions lives on as we welcome alumni into our college community, fostering a sense of belonging and shared experiences. If you are Beaumaris alumni, we invite you to stay connected and rekindle old friendships.

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Excellence in Sport Award

Geoff Hunt - Beaumaris High School Alumnus

The Excellence in Sport Award proudly carries the name of Beaumaris High School Alumni, Geoff Hunt. A squash legend, Geoff's remarkable career includes being the World No.1 squash player from 1975 to 1980.

We have been honoured to have Geoff join us in person at our Presentation Evenings, and although he was unable to be with us in 2023, he graciously recorded a message for our deserving recipients.

Our deserving awardees carry forward the spirit of excellence that Geoff Hunt exemplifies.

Watch 2023 Geoff Hunt Presentation

Colin Hay Create Award

Colin Hay - Beaumaris High School Alumnus

In 2023, we introduced the Colin Hay Create Award, recognising outstanding service to the arts. Colin, an alumnus born in Scotland, achieved international fame with ‘Men at Work’. Over the course of the next three-and-a-half decades since his debut, Colin recorded thirteen critically acclaimed studio albums that helped establish him as one of his generation’s most hardworking and reliable craftsmen. His contribution to the music industry earned him the Ted Albert Award and a place in the ARIA Hall of Fame.

We were privileged to have Colin Hay introduce the award named in his honour for the very first time at our Presentation Evening in 2023. Our awardee carries forward the legacy of excellence that Colin Hay represents.

Watch 2023 Colin Hay Presentation

Three Offers from Leading US Colleges!

Congratulations to Mitch N, a 2023 alumnus, who has achieved a remarkable feat by receiving three offers from prominent US colleges. This accomplishment marks a significant milestone for both Mitch and the college, demonstrating the effectiveness of our academic system and the support we provide to our students. Mitch's success serves as inspiration for current and future students, showcasing the opportunities available through dedication and hard work within our school community.

2023 Alumnus on Stage

Joel Keat - Beaumaris Secondary College Alumnus

On Thursday 7 March 2024, BSC staff had the pleasure of witnessing our talented alumnus, Joel Keat, in his debut musical 'The Sound of Music.' From Beaumaris to the stage, he's forever a part of our amazing community!

Community Strong

It warms our hearts to see the incredible contributions of our 2023 alumni in the college workforce. From tutoring and IT support to coaching sports and general assistance, they have been amazing. Once a part of Beaumaris, always a part of our amazing community!

Connecting Legacies and Celebrating Achievements

Be part of our growing alumni community, where legacies are honoured, achievements are celebrated and connections endure.