Competitions & Challenges

Our commitment to holistic education extends beyond the classroom through an array of exciting competitions and challenges. Our students are encouraged to explore their talents, enhance their skills and broaden their horizons by participating in various competitions throughout their time at Beaumaris Secondary College.

Participation in these diverse activities is not only a testament to our students' enthusiasm for learning but is also recorded and included in their final Micro-credentials Report. These experiences contribute to the development of well-rounded individuals, fostering skills beyond academics and preparing our students for success in their future endeavours. At Beaumaris Secondary College, we believe in nurturing the whole student, and these competitions and challenges are an integral part of that journey.

Bayspeak Public Speaking Competition

Sharpen your oratory skills and make your voice heard in this prestigious public speaking competition.

Future Problem-Solving Competition

Engage in critical thinking and creative problem-solving to tackle challenges that impact our world.

Gippsland Schools Mountain Biking Competition

Embrace the thrill of off-road cycling and compete in the Gippsland Schools Mountain Biking Competition.

Maths Trust Competition, Maths Olympiad and Maths Talent Quest

Put your mathematical prowess to the test!

Model United Nations

Step into the shoes of a diplomat, engage in global issues and participate in the Model United Nations.

Oxford University Computing Challenge

Explore the exciting world of computer science by taking on the challenges of the Oxford University Computing Challenge.

National Techgirls Competition

Showcase your innovation and technology skills in the National Techgirls Competition.

Premiers Reading Challenge

Embark on a literary adventure by participating in the Premiers Reading Challenge and celebrate the joy of reading.

Tournament of Minds

Collaborate with peers to solve demanding challenges and showcase your creativity in the Tournament of Minds.

Secondary Chess Victoria Zonal Tournament

Checkmate! Compete in the strategic game of chess and represent our school in the Secondary Chess Victoria Zonal Tournament.