BSC Protocols

Student Supervision

Student safety at is our highest priority and the safe and appropriate supervision of students is an important element of our duty of care to students. Part of this duty is ensuring parents and students are aware of our student supervision arrangements before and after school.

Before school: School grounds are supervised from 8.40am to 8.50am which includes central plaza, bike sheds and exits.

After school: School grounds are supervised from 3.10pm until 3.20pm which includes central plaza, bike sheds and exits. This excludes Home Learning Support Club on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 3.15pm - 4.15pm.

Students on school grounds outside these times will not be supervised (unless they are attending a supervised extracurricular activity).

Parents/carers are requested to ensure that students do not attend school outside of these supervised times unless they are attending a pre-arranged supervised activity.

For further information about our student supervision arrangements or to obtain a copy of our school’s Yard Duty and Supervision Policy, please contact the school office. This policy includes our student supervision arrangements across the school day, including before and after school.

Day-to-Day Protocols

  • Buildings are locked until 8.40am and students must not enter prior to this time.
  • Students must wait outside the Learning Space until instructed to enter by their teacher.
  • Chewing gum is not permitted at school.
  • Eating inside is not permitted - students must eat outside during breaks or in the foyer of the Activity Centre in the event of wet weather.
  • Students are encouraged to go outside for fresh air during breaks.
  • Students are not permitted inside during lunch unless involved in a supervised club or activity and they are not to access lockers during lunchtime.
  • In the event of wet weather, students can use open learning spaces (not tute rooms/break out spaces). A movie may be shown in the Resource Centre at lunchtime and the Gym may be open.
  • Devices can only be used during break or lunchtime in an organised teacher supervised activity.
  • In line with department policy, students are not permitted to use mobile phones during the day, except under explicit teacher instruction. Mobile phones are to be secured in lockers at the start of the day and should not be removed until the end of the day. Any phones that appear throughout the day will be confiscated.
  • Students can only wear headphones when given permission to do so from their teacher during learning sessions. Students cannot be wearing headphones outside of the learning sessions.
  • All devices must be brought to school each morning with 100% charge.

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