Student Leadership

Our Student Leadership Program stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering leadership qualities in our students and enables student leaders to influence and motivate fellow students. Our leaders embody curiosity, self-awareness and confidence in expressing their ideas and are optimistic about the future. They feel a sense of pride and responsibility to each other, the school and the wider community.

Core Principles 

Empowerment and Adaptability

We empower our students to understand and adapt to an ever-changing world, actively promoting participation and shared decision making.

Comprehensive Leadership Development

Our comprehensive program is designed to develop and nurture leadership skills in our students, with dedicated supported by key staff members.

Student Leadership Roles

Our diverse range of leadership roles includes:
  • College Captains
  • Year Level Captains
  • House Leaders
  • ICT Champions
  • CORE Learning Area Leaders
  • Community Liaison Leaders
  • Performing Arts Leaders
  • Debating Captains
  • Logistics Team
  • School Council Representatives
  • Student Wellbeing Action Group
  • Climate Action Team
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Benefits of Leadership

Participating in the Student Leadership Program offers students:
  • Leadership skills in public speaking, writing and event co-ordination
  • Valuable experience working with external agencies and school leadership
  • Participation in Student Leadership Conferences
  • Community-minded thinking and connection to the local community
  • Participation in community events and initiatives.

By fostering leadership qualities in our students, we aim to create well-rounded individuals who actively contribute to the betterment of our school and the broader community.

Student Leadership Conferences

Our future leaders embark on a transformative journey at our Student Leadership Conferences. Through goal-setting, advocacy and captivating talks by esteemed guest speakers and our Principal Team, students are fuelled with inspiration and equipped with the tools for impactful leadership. Engaging in team-building activities fosters camaraderie and collaboration, nurturing a culture of leadership excellence.

Overall, it was a great leadership team day and left us all feeling motivated and confident that we had the toolkit to turn our ideas for the school into reality.

Katie G


Students who apply for and accept leadership positions at Beaumaris Secondary College are expected to:

  1. Act as leaders during school-sponsored activities and community events, providing assistance and support around the college.
  2. Assist in organising activities specific to their leadership role, including setting up events, welcoming participants, thanking volunteers and assisting/cleaning up after events.
  3. Work as part of the Student Leadership Team, collaborating in meetings, contributing ideas and accepting responsibility for managing specific tasks.
  4. Act as role models, actively supporting the CORE values of curiosity, optimism, respect and excellence in all endeavours.

Selection Process

The selection process involves a careful evaluation based on the leadership category, including speeches, voting and interviews. School Captain candidates, for example, make speeches to the whole school, followed by voting and interviews.


Detailed descriptions are provided for each leadership role, outlining responsibilities, expectations and the role's contribution to the school community.