Student Wellbeing Action Group

The Student Wellbeing Action Group (SWAG), an integral part of our Student Leadership Program, embodies our commitment to student wellbeing, actively working towards creating a positive and inclusive school culture. Through their dedication and initiatives, SWAG contributes to making Beaumaris Secondary College a place where every student can thrive both academically and emotionally.

Key Responsibilities

Addressing Wellbeing Concerns

SWAG members actively identify and discuss wellbeing issues and patterns of concerning behaviours within the school community. Their insights contribute to creating a safer and more nurturing environment for everyone.

Collaborative Wellbeing Strategies

SWAG collaborates with peers and teachers to develop and implement effective wellbeing support strategies tailored to the unique needs of students at our school. This teamwork ensures a holistic approach to student wellbeing.

Wellbeing Days and GOAL Group Involvement

SWAG takes an active role in developing and organising 'Wellbeing Days' for their respective year levels, potentially involving GOAL groups as well. These events are designed to promote mental health, resilience, and a sense of community.

Contribution to School Communication

Members contribute by sharing wellbeing articles or messages with the school community. These contributions are disseminated through the parent newsletter and/or presented at school assemblies, enhancing awareness and understanding of wellbeing topics.

Wellbeing Ambassadors for New Students

SWAG members serve as wellbeing ambassadors, providing support and guidance to new students, especially those starting in Year 7 or any other point during the school year. This ensures a smooth transition and a warm welcome to our school community.

Victoria Police Social Media Content - 11 October 2023

Crime Prevention Leadership Program

The students at Beaumaris Secondary College all share a similar goal - to help people and make a difference.

That’s how the student-led initiative, Crime Prevention Leadership Program, came to fruition back in 2019.

The tertiary program, in partnership with Victoria Police and the Blue-Ribbon Foundation, aims to help promote safety and wellbeing in the community by openly discussing local issues currently affecting young people.

The students, ranging from ages 12 to 15, meet with local police members on a fortnightly basis and work through each safety concern. They share their experiences and explore ways they can promote safety messaging to the community in innovative ways. This year’s themes have covered theft, bullying, drugs and more recently, vaping.

Crime Prevention Officer, Leading Senior Constable Chris Dawson, from Moorabbin Police Station says the students are both very educated and passionate about the themes covered.

“The program seeks to educate youth on crime prevention and safety techniques and enables them to take ownership of their own safety, as well as peer-promote this knowledge to the wider community,” says Chris.

It’s also an opportunity for young people to work closely with their local police members.

“Having that connection (with police) has been so valuable to our school and the kids, to help them understand what the role of a police officer is and the vital role they play in the community", says Assistant Principle, Deb Kirk.

Chris hopes the program will grow and one day be extended to other schools in the future, so students can “carry these attributes into adulthood and become future champions and promoters of crime prevention and safety”.

Watch: Crime Prevention Leadership Program