College Profile

Beaumaris Secondary College is not just a school; it's a place where every student discovers their unique potential, thrives as part of a dynamic and forward-thinking community, and finds their pathway to success.

About Us

Beaumaris Secondary College, established in 2018, is a vibrant co-educational Year 7–12 secondary school located in the scenic bayside suburb of Beaumaris. With a current enrolment of 930 students and a capacity for 1100, we provide an enriching and inclusive learning environment.

Vision and Mission

Our vision is to foster curiosity, challenge thinking and instil a sense of purpose within our students. Committed to academic excellence, our mission is to inspire students to become critical global citizens, contributing positively to the world with responsibility, pride and integrity.


We embrace our CORE values - curiosity, optimism, respect and excellence - creating a welcoming, supportive environment with a focus on global perspectives and cultural diversity. Our dedicated staff builds strong transparent and genuine relationships with students and families, prioritising academic success and wellbeing. 


We offer a comprehensive curriculum aligned with the F-10 Victorian Curriculum and VCE, promoting deep learning. Committed to differentiation to support diverse learning, our pedagogical approach matches teaching to learning spaces, utilising High Impact Teaching Strategies and Project Based Learning for meaningful inquiry.

Teaching Team

Our team of highly capable, collaborative and creative educators are devoted to delivering teaching and learning of the highest calibre. With a commitment to excellence, our professional and dedicated staff prioritise building strong relationships with students and their families. This focus not only ensures academic success but also supports overall wellbeing. Our outstanding teachers play a pivotal role in inspiring students to strive for excellence across all facets of their school life. Fuelled by passion and expertise, they contribute to an environment where students are not only encouraged but truly inspired to reach their full potential. This dedication fosters a culture of continuous learning and achievement, shaping well-rounded individuals ready for future success.

Student Wellbeing

At Beaumaris Secondary College, we prioritise the holistic development of our students through our comprehensive GOAL (Pastoral Care) program. This program is designed to foster an environment that nurtures physical, social, intellectual, and emotional growth. We strive to create an environment where every student can reach their full potential and emerge as confident, compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

The GOAL program revolves around four key pillars: Gratitude, Organisation, Aspirations and Leadership. These elements are not only integral to personal development but also essential for success in both academic and personal endeavours. 

Central to the success of the GOAL program are our dedicated GOAL Mentors, who work closely with our Head of Wellbeing. These mentors play a crucial role in ensuring that each student receives the support and guidance they need to thrive. They serve as a bridge between students, their teachers, and parents, facilitating effective communication and collaboration.

Our Wellbeing Team spearheads the implementation of our wellbeing programs. With their expertise, they provide additional support and guidance to students and families, ensuring that everyone has access to the resources they need to flourish.

Technology Integration

As a technology-rich environment, we leverage the Microsoft Office 365 platform, utilising OneNote digital notebooks and Teams for seamless collaboration and accessible learning.

Co-curricular Activities

Our diverse co-curricular programs cater to all students, fostering connectedness and inclusion. From camps to instrumental music, college production, clubs, VCE study sessions, our Micro-credentials Program and student leadership, students discover passions and develop valuable skills.

Buildings and Grounds

Explore our exceptional buildings and grounds, including Flexible Learning Spaces, Senior Centre, Physics, Chemistry and Biology Labs, Library, Food Technology, Performance Spaces, Gym, Fitness Centre, Design Spaces, Workshops and world-class sporting facilities shared with the Melbourne Cricket Club.

At Beaumaris Secondary College, we believe that education extends beyond academics. We are committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are not only intellectually capable but also emotionally resilient and socially adept.