Marine Ambassadors Program

Open to all students, the Marine Ambassadors Program is a dynamic co-curricular group designed to immerse students in the wonders of our local marine environment at Ricketts Point.

This program offers a unique opportunity for students to deepen their understanding, experience and protection of the marine life thriving in the Ricketts Point Marine Sanctuary. Throughout the year, participating students engage in snorkelling sessions, fostering a connection with the marine organisms and environment specific to this iconic site. These sessions not only enhance students' basic snorkelling skills but also instil confidence in using snorkelling equipment.

One highlight of the Marine Ambassadors Program is the involvement in the 'Great Victorian Fish Count,' a citizen science initiative orchestrated by the Victorian National Parks Association. During designated snorkelling sessions, students actively contribute to data collection, furthering their familiarity with the marine organisms and environment at Ricketts Point. This hands-on experience aims to nurture an enduring connection with the sanctuary, supporting ongoing learning and environmental consciousness.

As Marine Ambassadors, students don't just limit their involvement to snorkelling sessions. Throughout the year, they embark on exciting excursions that extend their knowledge and conservation efforts. These excursions provide opportunities for students to actively contribute to scientific endeavours, including sampling to identify introduced crab species, investigating the distribution of nurdles and conducting beach cleanups. By participating in these activities, students play a vital role in safeguarding the local marine ecosystem and promoting environmental protection.

The Marine Ambassadors Program is not only about education and conservation but also about fostering a sense of responsibility and empowerment among students. Through hands-on experiences and active participation, students emerge from the program with a deeper appreciation for marine life, enhanced environmental awareness and valuable skills that extend beyond the classroom.