Our Story

Welcome to the narrative of Beaumaris Secondary College, a story that weaves together a rich tapestry of history, tradition, community and a forward-looking commitment to education.

Honouring the Past & Embracing the Future

Our story is one of continuity, evolution and a shared commitment to fostering a vibrant educational community. Join us as we honour our roots, celebrate the present and chart an inspiring course toward the future of education at Beaumaris Secondary College.

Roots of Education

Our journey on this site began as Beaumaris High School in 1958, a local co-educational institution that laid the foundation for decades of excellence. Thirty years later, the torch was passed to the Beaumaris campus of Sandringham College, preserving the legacy of educating generations of local students.

W.F. Casey's Vision

Headmaster, Beaumaris High

The echoes of Headmaster W. F. Casey's words from 1959 still resonate today. His aspirations for students and the emphasis on the vital connection between school, parents and the wider community remain at the core of our educational philosophy. Casey envisioned a learning environment where students develop the right attitudes, a sense of responsibility, and high standards of conduct, moulding them into sound citizens.

In Casey's own words, "The qualities of the school would be hard-pressed to instil in the child without the full cooperation and support of parents. I cannot stress too strongly for a very close link between school and home."

As we tell our story, we invite you to explore the full message from Headmaster W. F. Casey in the 1959 Landfall publication, a testament to the enduring values that have shaped our school and continue to guide us today.

Read the 1959 Landfall Publication

New School Campaign

The Beaumaris campus of Sandringham College was closed in December 2015 and demolished due to ageing infrastructure and low enrolments. Although the future seemed bleak, the community was not going to let this site be lost. With unwavering determination, they rallied together and garnered support to build a stand-alone Year 7-12 High School. The once rundown site became a beacon of hope for our community.

Watch: Campaign Video

A Proud Continuation

In 2018, we proudly reopened as Beaumaris Secondary College, infusing new life into the site while upholding the proud tradition of educating students in our community. This evolution signifies a pivotal chapter in our story where we honour our past as Beaumaris High School and Beaumaris Campus while eagerly embracing the unfolding future as Beaumaris Secondary College.

Watch: Tim Wilson MP | Opening of Beaumaris

The Bob Whiteway Resource Centre

The Bob Whiteway Resource Centre at Beaumaris Secondary College stands as a tribute to a remarkable educator and community leader. Bob Whiteway's legacy, spanning over 37 years of teaching at Beaumaris High School, is deeply intertwined with the local landscape and its young learners. Beyond the classroom, Whiteway's dedication to environmental conservation earned him numerous accolades, including Life Memberships and the prestigious Order of Australia Medal. His contributions, ranging from the creation of marine sanctuaries to educational films and publications, exemplify a lifelong commitment to nurturing both minds and ecosystems.

Through heartfelt testimonials and enduring achievements, the Resource Centre commemorates Whiteway's profound impact on generations of learners and the broader Bayside community. As we honour his memory, we recognise his enduring influence in shaping minds, fostering curiosity, and instilling a deep appreciation for our natural world.

Read the Bob Whiteway Resource Centre Opening Speech

Stage 2 Building


Our growth was swift, and before we knew it, Stage 2 construction was underway!

Watch: Stage 2 Build Timelapse - 2021

Official Opening of Stage 2


It was another momentous occasion for Beaumaris Secondary College in April 2022. The Member for Southern Metropolitan, Mr Enver Erdogan, officially opened the Stage 2 Building and unveiled the plaque with Member for Mordialloc, Mr Tim Richardson, providing capacity for up to 1100 students.

Exciting Milestone


A monumental achievement occurred in 2023 as we officially became a Year 7–12 college, solidifying our commitment to providing comprehensive education for students throughout their secondary years.

Class of 2023 pictured.