Wellbeing Programs & Initiatives

Our dedicated Wellbeing Team plays a pivotal role in shaping a well-structured and thoughtful wellbeing program to foster a culture where the heart and mind flourish together, shaping resilient and compassionate individuals.

Year Level Wellbeing Days

Tailored activities, workshops and discussions are designed to address the unique needs of each year level, promoting holistic student development.

Year 7 Lunch Club

Open to all Year 7 students, Year 7 Club offers fun activities and opportunities to make new friends during lunch. Supervised by the Wellbeing Team and Bayside Youth Services, activities include group games, giant jenga, giant naughts and crosses, giant wooden quoits, giant checkers, giant Kubb set, creative activities and card games.

Lunchtime Activities

The Wellbeing Team and Student Wellbeing Action Group (SWAG) organise various lunchtime activities throughout the year, including craft-based sessions and mindfulness colouring.

Mental Health Awareness Days

  • Sprinkle it with Kindness Day - making and sharing fairy bread as an act of kindness!
  • Odd Socks Day - students rock odd and brightly coloured socks to support 'Get Growing' resilience groups in 2024.
  • R U OK? Day - students ice their feelings onto cookies and enjoy their marvellous creations!

Targeted Small Group Programs

Enhanced support via group programs that have psycheducational component to further assist students in need.

Parent Education Sessions & Resources

Our team organises informative sessions to empower parents with the tools and knowledge needed to support their child's wellbeing at home. Additionally, they provide valuable resources through the college newsletter.

Professional Learning for Teachers

Continuous learning is at the core of our teaching philosophy. The Wellbeing Team provides professional development opportunities for our educators, equipping them with the latest insights into student wellbeing.

Caring Beyond the Classroom

The care provided by our Wellbeing Team extends beyond the classroom, creating a supportive and nurturing environment for every student. We believe that by prioritising the wellbeing of our students, we empower them to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.