Student Voice & Agency

At Beaumaris Secondary College, we believe in the power of student voice. We recognise that our students are not just learners but also valuable contributors to our community. Through various platforms and initiatives, we empower our students to express themselves, share their perspectives, and shape their educational experiences. Whether it's through School Council, clubs, working parties, forums, or other channels, we provide opportunities for students to be heard and to actively participate in decision-making processes. By fostering a culture where student voice is valued and respected, we create an inclusive environment where every student feels empowered to make a difference.

Amplify Program

The Amplify program aims to enhance student voice in the college and continue to develop the innate leadership that we believe lies in each and every student. We help students to 'own' their learning and development, and create a positive climate for learning by empowering students to share their feedback on our curriculum.

My experience as an Amplify leader in 2023 gave me a thorough understanding of what it's like to have student voice within the school. Having the ability to influence changes in the curriculum and the presentation of content for younger year levels, and showcasing this within meetings, was very helpful in terms of building on my leadership and communication skills.

Amy P - Year 11 2023

My experience as an Amplify leader allowed me to help the younger grades find a passion for school and develop a better understanding of mathematics. I found myself quite invested in improving these classes so people feel comfortable and happy at school.

Thomas H - Year 11 2023

The Amplify Program was a great opportunity to engage with student voice and I enjoyed surveying the Year 7 classes and interpreting their survey data. I'm very excited to see where the Program goes in 2024 and hopefully it will become a seamless part of student voice and feedback at Beaumaris.

Ayesha G - Year 11 2023

Shared Decision Making

Students are part of the shared decision making including;
  • Uniform Policy Working Party
  • Canteen Working Group
  • Planning year level events such as the Year 11 & 12 Formals
  • Changes to the structure of the BSC day

Empowering Students Across Victoria

Oskar E from Year 8 is representing Beaumaris Secondary College at VicSRC as an Ambassador Intern.

Over the past few months, I’ve had the privilege of working closely with the Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) as an Ambassador Intern. In April, I participated in an intensive workshop organised by VicSRC, where we focused on enhancing students’ advocacy and leadership skills. As part of this transformative experience, I developed a project proposal aimed at amplifying student voices within our local community. To my delight, my proposal was selected for implementation.

My proposal is called Local Schools Council (LSC) program.

The purpose of the LSC program is to address the need for consistent and meaningful communication between students from different schools in the area, creating a clear pathway for collaboration in future events and projects. Possible ways that this program could achieve this are organising student voice events and forums and working with stakeholders to provide student voice on matters that affect high school students in the area. Basically, it is a multi-school student council.

I’ve learned valuable lessons about leadership, teamwork, and the power of student advocacy. As I continue this journey, I look forward to further growth and making a lasting impact within our educational community.