Visible Wellbeing

In 2024, we commenced our journey with Professor Lea Waters' Visible Wellbeing program. The college is implementing visible wellbeing for every student in every learning space every day. This program plays a crucial role in constructing a flourishing school environment that empowers every student.

What is Visible Wellbeing?

Designed by award winning and internationally acclaimed psychology researcher, Professor Lea Waters, AM, PhD, Visible Wellbeing™ (VWB) combines the science of wellbeing with the science of learning to achieve the three key goals of:

  • helping students and staff to more clearly see their own and other’s wellbeing using VWB practices;
  • helping students and staff more systematically build wellbeing using the SEARCH framework;
  • facilitating learning through the visible wellbeing classroom process.

VWB is not a set curriculum, it is a flexible approach which can be applied across any subject area, and in all contexts – early learning, primary, secondary, and in the staff room. With the VWB approach, academic learning and wellbeing are truly integrated.

For more information, visit the Visible Wellbeing website.

Visible Wellbeing Website — Lea Waters AM, PhD

Examples of how we are making wellbeing visible in our learning