The BEST (Bioscience, Environmental Science, Sustainability & Technology) program seamlessly integrates the environment, the marine world and science with our community. This learning area empowers students to cultivate specific scientific skills and knowledge in fields such as biomedical science, biomechanics, environmental science and science/marine technology. Situated near Long Hollow Heathland, Ricketts Point Sanctuary and Balcombe Reserve, our school offers students unparalleled practical opportunities for environmental learning.

Year 7 - 9

In Years 7 - 9, students cover core curriculum which includes Biological, Chemical, Physical and Earth and Space Sciences. 

Year 9 & 10

In Years 9 & 10, students have the opportunity to select semester-based specialisms, allowing them to pursue their interests in specific sciences. These specialisms encompass key disciplines such as Biology, Chemistry, Consumer Science, Physics and Psychology. Each specialism offers ‘real-life’ applications, engaging students in developing a scientific worldview while preparing them for the VCE Science. 

BEST Specialisms
Be a VetGreen Chemistry
Cooking with ChemistryMarine Sanctuary
CSI: Crime Scene InvestigationSurvival Skills
DNA to DinosaursThe Big Bang
Driving the Future


Learning through practical application and real-world connections is emphasised in our VCE Sciences. Courses offered include Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Psychology, each spanning Units 1-4.


Students are encouraged to attend the Lunchtime Learning Club, BEST Club, Attenborough Club, Climate Action Club, Earth Club, VCE Study Groups and Home Learning Support, as well as participate in competitions when they arise. A Marine Ambassadors program is also available. 

Cutting-edge Resources

Equipped with cutting-edge tools and resources, our students extend their theoretical understanding of science. Highlights include:
  • Wireless sensors for data collection across all year levels
  • A variable temperature water bath for experiments
  • Geiger counters for radiation detection
  • A diverse fossil collection enriching our studies
  • Access to a comprehensive array of physics equipment
  • Various models for anatomical study
  • A collection of STELR equipment for renewable energy research

The BEST program fosters hands-on exploration and practical application of scientific concepts, preparing students for success in their academic and professional endeavours.