Communicate & Relate

Communicate and Relate incorporates the English skills students require to actively contribute to society, including speaking, listening, reading, understanding literature and being able to write; which are the various strands within the English learning area. This learning area looks at critical thinking skills and allows students to develop a social, emotional and personal understanding of their own development.

Year 7 - 10

English forms part of the core curriculum for all students in Years 7-10. 

Year 9 & 10

In Years 9 & 10, students select one of the following English specialisms each semester:

Year 9 Communicate & Relate SpecialismsYear 10 Communicate & Relate Specialisms
Be an AuthorDon't Stop the Music
Cultural LensHeritage to Hip-Hop
Film as TextHopes and Horrors of Humanity
Games as TextNovel into Film
Good and Evil
Greatest Novels of All Time


Throughout VCE, students have the choice of studying English, Literature and/or English Language, each spanning Units 1-4.


Students are encouraged to attend the Lunchtime Learning Club, Debating Club, Book ClubVCE Study Groups, Year 12 English Extension Workshops and Home Learning Support, as well as participate in writing competitions when they arise.

This term in Communicate and Relate, the Year 8s have been busy studying the book 'Tomorrow, When the War Began' and the ethical dilemmas within it. We are either explaining, analysing or evaluating the decision making of not only the characters within the book that are put in these situations where ethical dilemmas are present, but also in real life. Questions such as “What would you do if put in this position?” are relevant in our learning and provides an opportunity for students to share unique opinions with their peers. Additionally, we are also selecting an ethical dilemma that has been present throughout the book and researching real life examples. Here is an example of my work from this term.

Overall, the opportunity we’ve been given this term in Communicate and Relate has been a great experience and opened up so many insightful class discussions. I enjoy listening to my classmate's perspectives on questions and engaging with this topic.