Ensembles & Soloists

At Beaumaris Secondary College, our commitment to fostering musical talent goes beyond instrumental lessons. Ensembles and soloists take centre stage in various school events, adding a musical flair to school performances, informal lunchtime concerts, college assemblies, the college musical production, music soirees and community performances.

In addition, students immerse themselves in specialist workshops and music festivals, including renowned events like Stringfest, Bandfest, and Singfest hosted by the South-Eastern Victorian Region Instrumental Music Coordinators. These experiences not only provide opportunities for performance but also allow students to connect with young musicians from neighbouring schools and collaborate with celebrated facilitators from across Australia and overseas.

Participation in our college ensembles is an expectation for all students undertaking instrumental lessons, offering a unique and valuable opportunity to develop performance skills within a vibrant and social environment.

Our Ensembles include:

  • Stage Band
  • String Ensemble
  • Vocal Group

Stage Band

Our dynamic Stage Band brings together a range of instruments to create an energetic and versatile sound. Students in the Stage Band collaborate to explore various musical genres, delivering memorable performances that captivate audiences.

String Ensemble

The String Ensemble showcases the beauty and versatility of string instruments. Through collaborative rehearsals and performances, students in the String Ensemble develop technical proficiency and a deep appreciation for the rich tones of stringed instruments.

Vocal Group

The Vocal Group provides a platform for students to explore and express their vocal talents. From harmonious melodies to powerful vocal arrangements, this ensemble allows students to develop their vocal skills in a supportive and creative setting.

Participating in ensembles fosters a sense of camaraderie among students, creating lasting bonds through a shared love for music. Beyond honing their musical abilities, students in our ensembles experience the joy of collaboration and the thrill of performing together.

Watch: Wind Ensemble - Lunchtime Concert Series

Amy M, Tamsyn M, Mila W, Nate M, Reuben M & Euan C - March 2022

Watch: Trumpet Duo - Lunchtime Concert Series

Amy M & Nate M - March 2022

Watch: Senior Rock Band - Lunchtime Concert Series

Mia R, Lucas Y, Anakin S & Sophie K - March 2022

Watch: Vocal Solo - Lunchtime Concert Series

Cassie L - March 2022

Watch: Rock Band Duo - Lunchtime Concert Series

Lucas Y & Anakin S - March 2022