Our World

Traditionally, this learning area would focus on the Humanities. However, in the real world, we do not compartmentalise the world into Geography, History, Economics, Civics, and Citizenship. Our World utilises our understanding of the places we live in, including geographical knowledge about the world, understanding our origins and the history that underpins it.

Our World focuses on the responsibility we hold as critical global citizens and the implications of our contributions to the society that our students, as young individuals, will grow up in and become integral parts of; we aim to ensure sustainability as they progress. This learning area also fosters an environment where students can effectively communicate, connect, and gain insights about our world.

Year 7 - 10

In Years 7 and 8, students study Our World as a core subject, which provides them with an introduction to each of the subjects in this Learning Area.

Year 9 & 10

In Years 9 and 10, students choose semester-based Our World electives to direct their own learning in subjects they are interested in and passionate about.

Our World Specialisms
Children of the RevolutionPoverty & Power
Events that Changed the WorldSustainable Development
Horrible HistoriesThe Future
Money & Markets


In VCE, students can continue their learning journey in Humanities and excel by pursuing their passions across multiple Unit 1-4 subjects. These include Australian and Global Politics, Business Management, Geography, History (Modern/Revolutions), Philosophy and Legal Studies. Additionally, students have the opportunity to further their senior studies in Humanities through the available VET offerings.


Students are encouraged to attend History Club, Classics Club, Lunchtime Learning Club, VCE Study Groups and Home Learning Support.