State Swimming

2024 State Swimming Championships

Super proud of our amazing state swimmers! Check out their outstanding results below!

  • Eve A – 2nd in 50m Freestyle and 3rd in 100m Freestyle
  • Will P – 3rd in 50m Freestyle and 4th in 50m Butterfly
  • Keegan B – 4th in 200m Freestyle and 7th in 100m Freestyle
  • Louis S – 4th in the 50m Freestyle and 5th in 50m Butterfly
  • 17 girls freestyle relay team (Emily G, Eve A, Alice S & Gemma H) – 5th
  • 17 – 20 girls medley relay team (Annabelle A, Edie W, Gemma H & Eve A) – 8th

Congratulations to Annabelle H and Edie W (Year 12 students) on their final swimming event for the college, and a big thanks to Gemma H, Alice S and Emily G for stepping up at the last minute to compete in the relays!

2023 State Swimming Championships

May 2023

Super proud of our magnificent state swimmers – check out their OUTSTANDING results below!

  • Kiara M - 1st in the 50m, 100m, 200m AND 400m freestyle!!!!
  • Eve A - 6th in the 200m freestyle
  • Keegan B - 5th in the 50m butterfly
  • Will P - 6th in the 50m butterfly
  • James D - 5th in the 400m freestyle
  • 17 girls relay team (Kiara M, Eve A, Annabelle H & Edie W) – 3rd in the 4x50m relay
  • 14 boys relay team (Keegan B, Bryce M, Max K & Tristan H) - 4th in the 4x50m relay

2023 Regional & State Diving Championships

May 2023

A VERY successful day of sport for Beaumaris! Mia O & Joel K both placed 1st in the 17-20 age group and progressed through to the State final where Joel placed 3rd and Mia placed 1st!!! Amazing effort!!!

2022 State Swimming Championships

April 2022

Gold Gold – Beaumaris history made!!!

  • Our girls under 15 relay team (Lily G, Kaisha M, Kiara M and Emily G) placed 1st in the 4x50m freestyle relay
  • Kiara M placed 1st in her 200m freestyle and 2nd in both 50m freestyle and 400m freestyle!
  • Eve A placed 3rd in her 50m freestyle!

What absolute champions – we could not be prouder!!!

2022 Regional & State Diving Championships

May 2022

Another great day at sport for Beaumaris with 10 students representing the college. The day started with Regional finals where Jesse F placed 1st, Jasmine F 2nd & Madi K 3rd for the 15-16 year old girls! Mia O and Joel K came first in the 17-20 year old age group and moved through to the State finals in the afternoon where they both placed 2nd! A HUGE congratulations to all students for their amazing effort today!

Regional Swimming

Regional Swimming

March 2024

An incredible display of talent by our students at Regional swimming, finishing 5th overall! Huge applause to Eve A, Keegan B, Kiara M, Louis S and Will P for clinching first place in their events and securing a spot in the State Championships next term! Not to forget our two relay teams representing the college who broke the Female 17yo Freestyle Relay Record for the Southern Metropolitan Region (SMR)! Special shout-out to Eve A for smashing TWO SMR records! Go Beaumaris!

2023 Regional Swimming

An outstanding effort again by BSC students at Regional swimming finishing 4th overall! A massive congratulations to the following students who came first in one or more of their events and are progressing to State Championships! Amongst this group, we have 2 relay teams who will be representing the college.

Kiara M, James D, Eve A, Will P, Keegan B, Max K, Tristan H, Bryce M, Annabelle H and Edie W.

Beaumaris is very proud!

Superstar Swimmer

March 22022

Placing 1st in three individual events and one relay at Regional Swimming, Kiara M is a powerhouse in the pool. States here we come!

Divisional Swimming

Breaking Swimming Records

March 2024

A HUGE congratulations to Eve A who set a Kingston Division Record in the 50m freestyle and broke two Southern Metropolitan Region records; 50m freestyle and 100m freestyle. Way to go, Eve!

Kingston Division Swimming Champions

March 2024

Our swimming superstars didn't just make waves today...THEY TOOK THE WHOLE THING OUT!! Huge congrats to our outstanding swimmers for their incredible performance and dedication. Best of luck to those gearing up for Regionals on Monday! Let the wave of success continue!

2022 Divisional Swimming

March 2022

An exceptional day for Beaumaris finishing 2nd overall!!! We had 45 talented students representing BSC and giving their absolute all! Congratulations to the following students who came 1st in one or more of their events and are progressing to Regionals! Amongst this group, we have 4 relay teams who will be representing the college.

Kiara M, James D, Keegan B, Will P, Edie W, Olivia D, Autumn T, Alex H, Nathan T, Bryce M, Tristan H, Max K, Annabelle H, Archer B, Will P and Eve A.

A HUGE congratulations to Keegan B and James D for winning age group champions for their age!!!