Victorian Institute of Sport Scholars

The VIS awards scholarships to talented Victorian athletes on an annual basis. At VIS, they're not just honing their athletic skills but also receiving incredible support from the VIS Performance Lifestyle Team. This dedicated team ensures our athletes thrive not only in sports but also in life, aligning perfectly with VIS's motto: Success in Sport and Life.

Three Beaumaris Secondary College students, Kiara M (Triathlon), Emerson L (Trampoline) and Daisy C (Hockey), currently hold scholarships at the prestigious Victorian Institute of Sport (VIS). This achievement has garnered admiration and excitement within the school community.

The Performance Lifestyle Team at the VIS plays a crucial role in supporting these athletes. According to the team, their aim is to facilitate the athletes in balancing their sporting commitments with their academic and personal goals. They emphasise that success in athletics should not come at the expense of academic achievement, highlighting the importance of maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

“The VIS are proud to support Kiara, Emerson, and Daisy in both their athletic pursuits and their personal development,” states the Performance Lifestyle Team. “Our role as Performance Lifestyle Advisers at the VIS is to support the athletes to be able to pursue their careers and educational goals alongside their sporting goals. We work closely with the athlete, school and whole support team, to assist the athlete in managing their schedules, timetables and career plans to give them the best ability to juggle both their sporting endeavours and educational goals.”

They further stress the significance of pursuing both sports and studies, noting, “To realise your potential as an athlete doesn’t mean sacrificing your studies or compromising what the rest of your life may look like, so being able to do both is important. We know you can be a better athlete and better equipped person for doing both sport and studies, so we want to support the athletes to do this.”

The athletes themselves recognise the challenges of juggling sports and studies but express gratitude for the support they receive. Kiara, Emerson, and Daisy all acknowledge the importance of finding a balance between their athletic endeavours and their academic commitments.

"The VIS provide amazing support to me in many areas. One area of enormous value is the Performance Lifestyle Team. Steph, my Performance Lifestyle Adviser, was an Olympic athlete whilst she was still in school. She therefore has an understanding of the pressures that come from all aspects of life and sport, and she is an amazing support person for me to have. She helps me with my time management, juggling school, training, competition, and my social life. Steph keeps in close contact with the school and always checks in with me. I am very grateful to have the support of Steph, and the VIS in my sporting journey." remarks Kiara.

Emerson adds "It has been challenging balancing training and school commitments, my teachers have really helped support me with a personalised plan. VIS offers various seminars and practical programs to help me balance training and daily routine.”

Daisy echoes their sentiments, stating, "It has been a struggle during my Year 12 studies to find a school to sport balance that worked for me. Resources that are available, such as the Careers Team at school and Performance Lifestyle Team at VIS have made this process easier".

Their experiences highlight the importance of fostering an environment that enables student-athletes to thrive academically and athletically. As they continue their journey at the VIS, Kiara, Emerson and Daisy serve as role models for their peers, demonstrating that with dedication and support, it is possible to achieve success in all aspects of life.