Create Performance

In Create Performance, students learn music and drama through practical and theoretical studies. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to perform, including school and community performances, college productions and music soirees.

Year 7 & 8

Students learn music and drama through practical and theoretical studies in Create Performance. Learning tasks focus on expressive performance and skill development.

Watch: 2023 Year 8 Music Composition & Performance

Year 9 & 10

A range of Performing Arts specialisms are available in Years 9 and 10, aimed at preparing students for their chosen senior pathway.

Create Performance Specialisms
Becoming a Performer
Making the Musician
Dance in our Time
Music Studio


Performing Arts is offered across VCE Units 1-4 in the subjects of Music and Theatre Studies.

VCE Theatre Studies 

'Radium Girls' Production - 2024

Watch: 2024 'Radium Girls' Reel

'The Odd Couples' Studio Production - 2023

‘The Odd Couples’ was part of the VCE Theatre Studies course. As such, the students were responsible for everything. They planned, they researched, they designed, they rehearsed, they made, they shopped, they developed, they refined, they did it all. All on a shoestring. 

Adelaide Fringe Festival - 2024

Watch: 2024 Adelaide Fringe Festival Student Reflection

Our VCE Theatre Studies students embarked on an unforgettable theatrical odyssey at the Adelaide Fringe Festival over the Labour Day long weekend.

VCE Music

VCE Music Soiree

May 2024


Students are encouraged to attend Dance Club, Drama Club, Music Jam Club, Lunchtime Learning Club, VCE Study Groups and Home Learning Support. We also have an Instrumental Music Program and an annual College Production.