Create Visual

Students are given opportunities to express themselves creatively using a variety of materials and equipment and to reflect on their own and others' creativity. This fosters an understanding of the world we live in and reinforces the value of creativity. They learn about both traditional and contemporary art practices, art history and visual design.

Year 7 & 8

The college offers Create Visual to students from Year 7 onward. Students learn how artists communicate ideas and convey meaning in artworks. They also identify the influences of other artists and experiment with various techniques, processes and visual conventions to develop their own art practice. Students select and manipulate materials, techniques, processes, visual conventions and technologies to express their ideas and viewpoints in their artworks. Additionally, students learn to analyse artworks and exhibitions from different cultures, times, and places, and discuss how ideas and beliefs are interpreted by audiences.

Year 9 & 10

A range of Visual Arts specialisms are available in Years 9 and 10, aimed at preparing students for their chosen senior pathway. Students explore a variety of art forms, design fields and technologies, including painting, mixed media, collage, technical drawing, computer-aided design, film, photography and garment construction.

Create Visual Specialisms
ArchitectureDesign & Culture
Art and SoulLife Through the Lens
Be a Film MakerThe HeART of It


Visual Arts is offered across VCE Units 1-4 in the subjects of Art Making & Exhibiting, Media and Visual Communication Design.


Students are encouraged to attend Art Club, Media ClubTextiles Club, Knitting Club, Magazine Club, Lunchtime Learning Club, VCE Study Groups and Home Learning Support.

Equipment and Facilities

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