Innovate & Beyond

Year 7-9 students study Innovate, and Year 10-12 students study Beyond in both Semester 1 and Semester 2.

Year 7 & 8 Innovate

The Year 7 & 8 Innovate program fosters and establishes connections that provide students the opportunity to understand the global community and how their decisions and actions have an impact locally and further afield. They develop a sense of place in the world and understand the issues within a global context.

Innovate is a design and technology program where all learning can be incorporated into student-driven projects. Students work at their own pace and level, so there is built-in flexibility. Students work in small groups, although at times, they work individually, depending on the focus of the project. The Innovation Lab is the hub of ideation and creation. They use the Innovation Studio/Lab to develop and create their project and work with a range of technologies in the workshops, Fab Lab and design studios. They learn to create solutions to real-world problems with a range of technology, which includes coding, 3D printing, laser cutting, woodworking, metalworking, acrylics, resin and other technologies.

Students share their innovations with parents and BSC community at our Innovate & PBL Expo Night.

Year 9 Innovate

Year 9 students delve into the concept of social enterprise, distinguishing between products and services. They analyse contemporary social enterprises and identify local and global issues. Students select an issue to address and design a product or service accordingly. Throughout this process, they hone skills in logistics, financial planning, skill development and marketing. The culmination involves students showcasing their creations at the BSC Market Day.

During Semester 2, students expand their understanding of inventions and their targeted problems. They assess the societal impact of various inventions, collaboratively establishing evaluation criteria. Students select an invention for in-depth analysis, considering its strengths, weaknesses and ethical implications. They propose refinements for the chosen invention based on their evaluation.

Year 9 Market Day

Innovate & PBL Expo

The Innovate & PBL Expo is an opportunity for students to celebrate and showcase their learning with the school community. In doing so, students share how they have used authentic inquiry in project-based learning. From captivating displays to engaging 1-minute pitches and thought-provoking posters, their creativity and dedication shines brightly.

  • Year 7 & 8 students showcase their current Innovate PBL's.
  • Year 9 & 10 students present a PBL from one of their Specialisms.

As part of the experience, parents are invited to vote for the best PBL. This dynamic evening offers an authentic audience to celebrate and support the ingenuity of our students' innovations.

WATCH: 2023 Innovate & PBL Expo

WATCH: 2019 Innovate & PBL Expo

Year 9 & 10 Community Connections Program

Our Year 9 & 10 Community Connections program aims to instil social awareness, develop character traits, and enhance skills in our students through active volunteering and community projects. We want our students to understand that they can make a difference to the people in their community, be passionate about improving the world around them and make a genuine contribution to others.

In Year 9 Innovate and Year 10 Beyond, students explore how to live a purposeful life and how to connect their passions and talents with serving the needs of their community and world. Students identify their strengths and the qualities others value in them. Reflecting on the needs of their community or their world, students then choose from a selection of community connections or project-based volunteering options including:

  • Primary school connections
  • Kindergarten
  • Beauie Big Arvo Tea
  • Mini-Olympics for our Primary School
  • Pouches and shelters for orphaned wildlife
  • Health and hygiene kits
  • Bike service workshops
  • Sustainability awareness and action
  • Concert Performance for community
  • Shark Tank – Sell us an ideas

This is a wonderful opportunity for our young people to forge connections in their community and make a difference in their world.

Year 10 - 12 Beyond

In Beyond, students develop skills to prepare for employment. They demonstrate their ability to adhere to timelines, complete Career Action Plans, conduct independent research and apply for work experience. To prepare for work experience, students complete a series of online modules covering safety, rights, and responsibilities in the workplace. Additionally, they familiarise themselves with expected workplace conduct.

During Semester 2 of Beyond, students explore working conditions in their chosen careers. They evaluate income and expenditure, including savings, tax, and superannuation, to create a realistic weekly budget and plan for purchasing their first car.

All Ability Zone - The Shark Tank Pitch

Year 10 Beyond Project - June 2024

Tensions were high when a group of Year 10 students pitched their idea to revolutionise the fitness industry. The students unveiled their plan for introducing disability-inclusive gym equipment in existing gyms in what they’re calling the ‘All Ability Zone’. Through extensive research, the students had been unable to find a gym in the area that provided equipment catering for those with accessibility issues and came up with their solution for this glaring gap.

The students were lucky enough to present to two representatives from Good Life Health Clubs along with the Beaumaris Secondary College Principal Team. The ‘Sharks’ were captivated by the students’ ability to reflect on the impact on the broader community and how they could target a relatively untouched market. They were also gobsmacked as to how this excellent idea is not already out there and were supportive of trying to make this idea become reality. Well done Angus B, Angus C, Harrison R, Jacob A, Jye H, Nate D, Oskar V and Zac M!


Students are encouraged to attend the Career Support Club and Work Experience Club and take up opportunities made available through our Micro-credentials Program.