Our Technologies curriculum, spanning Food Technology, Food Studies, Digital Technology and Applied Computing, offers dynamic learning experiences. Through hands-on projects and exploration, students enhance their digital literacy and critical thinking skills. In Food Technology and Food Studies, they create diverse culinary delights while learning about food safety and healthy eating.

Year 7 & 8 Innovate

See Innovate & Beyond

Year 9 Innovate

See Innovate & Beyond

Year 9 & 10

Students must study at least one specialism from the Technologies learning area in both Years 9 & 10.

Technologies Specialisms
ArtisanshipInventions and Discoveries
Coding 1Sustainable Food Solutions
Coding 2You Are What You Eat


Technologies is offered across VCE Units 1-4 in the subjects of Algorithmics, Applied Computing, Food Studies, Product Design and Technologies and Systems Engineering.


Students are encouraged to attend the Artisanship ClubCoding Club, Electronics ClubLunchtime Learning Club, VCE Study Groups and Home Learning Support, as well as participate in competitions when they arise.

Equipment and Facilities

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Innovate is always a subject which prompts creativity, and this PBL was no exception. For this Inventions & Discoveries project, we had to research, design, and construct a product which no one has come up with before. It was challenging, but was worth it in the end when we made our concepts real by creating a prototype of our product.

Isaac - Year 10